Upgrades at a Perdue Processing Plant utilizes DuraTrench

Case Studies, Installations

Food and Beverage projects have been a regular sector for Eric’sons. So we were pleased and proud to be apart of the Perdue South Carolina plant expansion. Eric’sons supplied over 1000ft of the DTSS12 with the following characteristics. Long continuously sloped 12″ wide stainless steel trench drains with multiple turns with welded connections. Deep channels, 3.5ft in some cases, which helped keep the conveyance of wash fluid and debris moving reducing maintenance. An added feature to this project was a more cost effective new grate, 14B24FG. Instead of the expensive stainless steel bar grates or porous and rusted iron grates, a forklift rated DIN D, slotted, and cast polymer grate was introduced. This grate helps prevent bacteria growth and ease of cleaning due to its smooth non porous surface and light weight.

Since this project, other industries have installed this grate and even requested Eric’sons to design other sizes and styles to meet their specific needs.

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