Best Places to Add a Trench Drain System to Your Business

If you have a business location that you manage or own, you know how important safety is. You cannot afford to allow standing water to collect on your business property because it could cause injuries or the potential for health problems for your staff and customers. In addition, standing water on your business property is bad for curb appeal and can discourage people from being willing to come in to seek your services.

If you are trying to figure out where to install a trench drain system on your business property, this guide will be a big help! There are some key areas where trench drains are often most effective on business properties, and this guide will help you identify those areas at your location.

Factors to Consider

Trench drains are often most effective in locations where there is a slope that allows the water to be brought down into the drain and removed. If there is not enough slope in areas of your property, it might be necessary to correct this issue before installing drainage.

You should also be sure that you consider what the intended use of the area is. If there is going to be wheeled traffic or people are going to be walking in the area in question, you will need to make sure that you select the right drainage style and the correct drainage grates for these considerations.

Existing drainage infrastructure is also important to have in mind. Your new drainage will need to be able to connect with existing drainage or else you might need to replace the entire system across your whole property.

It might be wise to work with a drainage installation expert to be sure that you are thinking of all of the critical details of the plans for your new drainage system. Being sure that you are placing drains in the right areas of your property is key, and this part of the process should be sorted out before you break ground for your new drainage system.

Places to Add a Trench Drain System at Your Business

1. Near Fountains and Water Features

Fountain radius trench drain

Whether there is a fountain, a decorative pond, or even a swimming pool at your business, you will need trench drains in this area to capture water runoff and spills. These drains can be made to match the curve of the water feature in question and can be designed with the right kind of grates to adequately protect the trench drains without creating the risk of caught heels or blocked tires of items like wheelchairs.

Any place where there is the chance that water will be spilled on a regular basis can create a slip-and-fall hazard. Trench drains are a must in these locations and are often the most affordable solution for this need.

2. Along Walkways and Paths

Radius trench drain in walkway at university by Dura Trench

Walkways and paths need to be kept clear of water, even if they are laid in areas where irrigation and natural runoff will be present. Trench drains can easily be installed along walkways and paths to make sure that foot traffic can pass along these areas unimpeded throughout the entire year.

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Make sure to know what the maximum expected volume of runoff will be in these areas, as this information impacts the necessary size and style of trench drain that you select. You will also want to pick gratings that will block and impede debris from plants if the path passes through areas with landscaping.

3. Loading Docks and Bays

Classic design

Places where trucks are loaded and unloaded are often partially exposed to the elements. You can use trench drains to make sure that there is never any standing water in these areas. Being sure that loading docks are not slippery or plagued with standing water is key for safety. Not only will there be vehicles that need to navigate these areas safely, but you will also need to be sure that the employees who are loading and unloading can work safely.

4. Food Prep and Manufacturing Areas

Food Chemical Plant with 8" wide stainless steel trench drain

Any area where manufacturing is taking place will often need to be kept 100% free of standing water. This means that food production locations and breweries can benefit from quality trench drains on a daily basis. Slot drains are often ideal in these areas, as they will not catch feet and will not impede wheeled traffic.

In addition, trench drains can be made from stainless steel so that they are impervious to chemical exposure, which might break down drainage made of other materials. Stainless steel is also ideal because it will not foster the growth of bacteria, which can lead to health department issues for some kinds of businesses.

5. Driveways

Radius slotted drain in driveway

The driveway of your business needs to be welcoming and certainly should never be blocked by standing water. You can add driveway trench drains that will keep the entrance to your property from being blocked by water, even during the winter months. Driveway drains are often sold in kits and are simple to install on your own if you have the right tools and skills. Otherwise, you can have an expert team install simple driveway drainage where you need it the most.

Business Locations Can Benefit from Trench Drains in a Myriad of Ways

Trench drains can be a big help in many areas around business locations of various kinds. From working spaces to paths and parking lots to loading docks, trench drains are often the ideal solution to keeping standing water at bay. The health and safety of your property are often at risk if you have drainage issues, and you cannot afford to expose customers or employees to that kind of risk.

If you have a commercial property where food preparation or manufacturing happens each day, you will also need to be sure that you are meeting the demands of state requirements. Installing the right trench drains can ensure that your business will meet these demands with ease.


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