Columbia University’s Manhattanville Campus Receives High-Quality Upgrades By Utilizing Dura Trench

Columbia University recently undertook a huge construction project to renovate and improve drainage all around the campus. Creating safe and beautiful spaces for staff and students was the main goal of the project. Because the highest level of craftsmanship and a variety of custom drainage solutions were required for the project, Eric’sons Dura Trench was selected to handle the project.

Eric’sons has the years of skill and experience to create drainage solutions that you can trust. Whether you are looking to install drainage at your home or your business, Dura Trench can help you create durable, beautiful, and effective drainage installations that will last.

A Superior Campus Requires Superior Drainage Solutions

The Kravis Hall Courtyard was one of the areas where drainage installation required customized and highly effective drainage solutions. This large green space offers students and staff the chance to relax, study, and enjoy Manhattan between classes. The space is circular in shape, necessitating stormwater drainage with a TrueRadius curved linear drain to match.

This highly effective drainage system was designed to match the shape of the green space in the center of campus, as Dura Trench was able to make sure the stormwater management utilized to keep the space safe and beautiful did not impede the appearance of the area.

Eric’sons also had to navigate the installation process carefully, with Dura Trench, based on existing underground hazards in the area. Installation in city spaces that are undergoing alterations and modifications can be challenging due to existing drainage, support structures, and infrastructure. The team at Eric’sons knows how to tackle these challenges with ease and to ensure that there are no roadblocks to project goals based on existing hazards and infrastructure in the area where drainage is being added or upgraded.

If you need a drainage solution that will not impact pre-existing structures on your property, Dura Trench can help.

Dura Trench Drains Hold Up to Use

In this particular project, Dura Trench utilized its signature DTPF products. These drains are made with glass fiber-reinforced polymer concrete which forms the channels of the drainage system. Stainless steel grates and frames were used for the rest of the installation. This combination of products offers superior longevity and durability in an area that experiences lots of foot traffic as well as wheeled vehicles like lawnmowers. The space also needed to be ADA-approved, and the gratings that were utilized met this standard.

Safety and durability go hand-in-hand when working on solutions for public spaces. These areas need to meet specific standards of safety so that the public can access them safely, but they also need to utilize drainage that is highly durable and which can last through tough weather and other challenges. Stainless steel can be perfect for this kind of area due to its durability and attractiveness.

Pre-Manufacturing Saves Time and Makes Installation Easy

Dura Trench products are pre-manufactured and made with proven engineering. This means that every drainage component will fit together readily and reliably when it comes time to install the system that you have ordered. This saves valuable time during the installation process and generates a much better long-term result for clients.

In the case of the Columbia University project, the area being renovated needed to be completed as quickly as possible. This meant that the pre-manufacturing process helped the project to enjoy a smooth workflow with no delays. Being able to promise clients a simple installation process is key to our goals at Dura Trench, and the Columbia University job was no different.

Pre-manufacturing also makes it much easier to meet the exact design specifications of each client. Whether your order is custom or not, we ensure that you get exactly the drainage components that you need for your specific drainage requirements. Being able to offer custom solutions sets Dura Trench apart from the crowd, and the fact that we create the drainage products that you need in-house before shipping them to you ensures perfect fit and great results even years later.

Meeting Aesthetic Considerations

Common areas in public places need to be inviting and look their best. Dura Trench products can be created with custom design options and custom grates. This allows our clients to install drainage that blends right into the overall design sensibility of the space in question. Design notes are just as important as the performance of drainage installations, and Dura Trench doesn’t ask clients to choose between these two critical essentials for any drainage installation.

In the case of Columbia University, the Kravis Hall Courtyard is a very modern space. This meant that the drainage installed in this area needed to be ultra-clean and simple in design. The drainage also needed to blend into the color of the walkway around it, which was part of why stainless steel products were used for the grates and other visible drainage components.

Aesthetics are often a main concern of clients which is why Dura Trench products can be customized in a variety of ways. There are many different materials that can be used for drain grates, and they can even be made with included decorative design work. Commercial clients, as well as residential clients, value the availability of these design options for all Dura Trench products.

Dura Trench Drain Installations Are Seamless and Straightforward

Whether our clients are seeking to install drainage at their homes or at a business location, Dura Trench ensures that the process of design, ordering, and installation is handled correctly and with ease. You can work with our skilled customer service team and our design team to create drainage solutions that will handle all of your needs with ease.

For those with the experience to install their own drainage, our catalog of products is easy to navigate, and you can choose from a wide array of drainage designs and materials on your own. There are many different installation videos and tutorials available on our website for those who are going to add their own drainage with our guidance.

If you need help getting connected with an installation team, Dura Trench can help! We connect customers with skilled installation and design teams on a regular basis to make sure that the process of ordering from us and installing our products is seamless and stress-free.

Benefits of True Radius Trench Drains

The True Radius trench drains utilized in the Columbia University project are available to all Dura Trench clients. These drains are the only product of this type on the market that can be fully customized to meet your needs. Each piece of a True Radius trench drain installation is made with customized measurements. The curve of your True Radius trench drain can be made to match all of your requirements. These fully custom drainage solutions are some of our most popular drainage products, and for good reason.

Whether you are installing drainage on a patio, near a walkway, or by a pool or fountain. True Radius trench drains are often the ideal solution for spaces of this kind. It is very difficult to find any pre-manufactured drainage with the right curve for areas of this kind. It can be expensive to have a fully customized trench drainage system installed as well.

True Radius trench drainage offers you all the benefits of a full custom pour drainage system without all the cost and the delays necessary to create this kind of drainage solution. You can get a fully customized drainage system from Dura Trench for these areas in less time and for significant cost savings when you choose True Radius drains.

What Other Drainage Products Does Dura Trench Offer?

Dura Trench offers a wide array of different trench drain products for your needs. You can order slot drains, traditional trench drains, and more with our help. We also offer all of the components and additional parts that you might need to complete your drainage system. You can trust us to help you at each step of the ordering process as well. Making sure that you get the exact drainage solutions that you need is essential to us.

You will need to know the maximum amount of water that needs to be managed in each location of your property before you order from us. If you are not sure how to calculate this, one of our installation experts can help you. This information will guide your determination about the right style of drainage products for your location. Slot drains, trench drains, and True Radius drainage products can come in a variety of different sizes which can be customized to meet the maximum drainage flow needs of your yard or business location.

Our drains come in sizes from 4” all the way to 36”. If you need a size that is not currently part of our catalog of drainage solutions, you can count on us to create a custom drainage solution for you. These drainage solutions can also be made to match any required slope so that you do not have to worry about standing water at your location ever again.

Dura Trench also offers utility trench products and items like driveway drainage installation kits. We make sure that our customers have access to every single drainage product that they might need in order to keep their property safe and free from standing water all year long.

Simple Required Maintenance

Dura Trench drains do require some maintenance, but it is simple to keep our drains in peak condition. You can also work with a skilled drainage inspection and maintenance team if you do not feel comfortable caring for your drains on your own. Most locations where our drainage is installed only need to be inspected a couple of times a year. Simple cleaning might be required to remove plant debris and other items that slip into the trench below the gratings over time.

Being able to count on our drainage to be simple to maintain and care for is part of why we are the favored option for many of our clients. Failed drainage can cause a host of problems on your property, such as damage to your home or business buildings, standing water in basements, and hazardous walking paths or parking areas. We make it easy to ensure that your drainage will never stop performing for you by making maintenance simple, straightforward, and affordable.

If you need to learn more about drainage maintenance, we have a variety of educational articles on our website that help explain how to care for your drainage throughout the year. You can also learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of drainage that needs to be replaced or repaired. If you have not upgraded all of your drainage to Dura Trench products, these articles and guides will help you to identify when it is time to make the necessary upgrades to avoid damage to your property.

Dura Trench Can Offer Clients Access to Superior Drainage Components and Installation Services

If you are ready to upgrade your drainage at your home or business, you don’t need to look any further than Dura Trench. We can offer you access to the highest quality drainage solutions, customized products, and design and installation support throughout the ordering process. We make sure that our clients get the kind of drainage system that they have been looking for.

For drainage installations that are seamless and which result in the highest quality of drainage, you need to work with Dura Trench. Our durable and well-crafted products can be used in a wide array of applications. If you are ready to upgrade or install superior drainage on your property, you need to reach out to us today.

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