Concrete Trench Drain Forming Systems

Dura Trench drain forming system features and benefits

When you want a concrete trench drain, Dura Trench offers an innovative trench drain forming system.  The system is a true labor and time saver when you need a concrete trench drain.  The trench drain forming system has a seam at the bottom of the trench drain form that is released after the concrete placement. The form can then be removed leaving a concrete trench drain.  The smooth outside of the forms leaves a smooth interior finish while allowing the trench drain to have a radius bottom or vee bottom.  These concrete trench forming systems come fully assembled with installation aides and plywood tops.  The plywood is durable and can be used to help brace the system during the pour.  The interior forms break out easily and stack inside one another leaving little volume to place in a dumpster.  While we recommend a prefabricated trench drain for most applications, if your project requires a cast in place concrete trench we have a labor saving solution.