Chemical Resistance of Trench Drains

When dealing with caustics, acids, bases, or solvents flowing into a trench drain system, the materials used needs to be able to handle the chemical load.  There are two ways to evaluate this.  The first is to review the testing that has already been performed on trench drains with various chemicals, temperatures, and concentrations.  With this information you can get a good feel for how the trench drain system will hold up in your environment.  Unfortunately, it is rare that the exact combination of chemicals, the exact temperatures, and the exact concentrations have been tested.

This leads us to the second way to determine the suitability of a trench drain system’s materials.  Dura-Trench would be happy to send a sample of the materials you are considering so that you can subject them to your environment over a period of time and see how they react.  We offer complimentary sample coupons of the trench drain materials so that you can perform these tests in house with the exact solutions and temperatures involved.