Chemical Resistance of Linear Drains

Chemical Resistance ImportanceChemical

Discussing the importance of chemical resistance of linear drains almost always involves an industrial setting. Whenever caustics, acids, bases, or solvents flow into a trench drain system, the materials used in that trench drainage system must be able to handle the chemical load.

Reviewing Relevant Testing Data

Therefore, before committing to any brand of linear drains, we recommend carefully reviewing any existing independent testing results that have already been performed with traditional trench drain materials combined with the various chemicals, temperatures, and concentration combinations. We’ve provided the Dura Trench Chemical Resistance Guide for this purpose. This information allows you to gauge how the trench drain system will hold up in your environment.

Further Testing

If, after reviewing our guide, you’re still looking for the exact combination of chemicals, temperatures, and chemical concentrations your future system is expected to face, Eric’sons Manufacturing will test your materials to ascertain compatibility. Alternatively, we offer complimentary sample coupons for the trench drain materials so that you can perform these tests in-house with the exact solutions and temperatures involved.

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