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Dura Trench trench drain grates

Dura Trench has a very wide assortment of trench drain grates and catch basin grates.  Our trench drain grates are offered in many different materials such as cast iron, ductile iron, black powder coated steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastic, FRP, aluminum, brass, bronze, etc.  We have trench drain grate sizes including 3″5″8″10″12″14″20″26″38″, and 50″ widths.  Trench drain grates are offered in many patterns to suit the needs of the application.  We have large grate openings for high flow, ADA compliant grate openings, heel proof grate openings, and ornamental trench grate patterns.  If you don’t find what you are looking for don’t worry, we manufacture custom sizes, patterns and styles of trench drain grates all the time.  Trench drain grates are our specialty!

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If you are unsure of what type of trench drain grate you should use we have created a detailed discussion of all of the different trench drain grate types that are available.  We offer bar gratesiron trench drain gratesplastic trench drain gratesfiberglass trench drain gratesstamped steel channel drain grates, and fabricated metal channel drain grates.  Each trench drain grate application has a best material.  The trench grate selection can be a delicate process and series of compromises.  Trench drain grates are selected based on material, finish, color, load ratingslip resistance, corrosion, opening size, etc.  If you don’t really know what kind of trench drain grate is best for your application feel free to read each material type.  Our channel drain grating experts are also here to help should you need us!

Trench Drain Grate Sampling

Dura Trench offers one of the largest selections of trench drain grates in the industry.  We manufacture cast iron drain gratesductile iron drain grates, stainless steel drain grates, galvanized steel drain grates, fiberglass drain gratesplastic drain grates, and almost any other material you can imagine.  We also manufacture solid channel drain covers for utility trenches.

Trench drain grates are categorized by size.  For a trench drain grate we use the width of the trench grate as the size.  Generally, the trench drain grate is 2″ larger than the channel drain throat.  The length of most channel drain grates on our site is 24″ long.  Our trench grates are offered in the following sizes:  3″ trench drain grates5″ trench drain grates8″ trench drain grates10″ trench drain grates12″ trench drain grates14″ trench drain grates20″ trench drain grates26″ trench drain grates38″ trench drain grates50″ trench drain grates, and other custom sizes.

​Trench drain grates can have many patterns, styles, and finish options.  ADA grating has become very important.  ADA grating must have 1/2″ or narrower openings in perpendicular to the direction of travel to be considered compliant.  Dura Trench offers many sizes of trench grates that are ADA compliant.  We also have heel proof grates.  Heel proof grates need to have openings less than 5/16″ in width.  Dura Trench also has many sizes of trench grates that meet the heel proof grate requirements.  We also have channel drain grates with wide openings for industrial and transportation projects.  The look of trench drain grates are often important.  We also offer ornamental trench drain grating for a more decorative look.  Our trench grates can be painted almost any color, they can be stainless steel grates with polished or brushed finishes, the drain grates can have anti-slip surfaces added.  Whatever your need or look we have a trench drain grate to fit the need.

​Common trench drain grate materials should be reviewed.  Let’s start with cast iron drain grates and ductile iron drain grates.  Many consumers do not know the difference in these two categories.  There is certainly no difference in the appearance of a cast iron grate and a ductile iron grate.  They look the same except through a microscope.  Cast iron grates are common and have been around for centuries.  When engineers started asking for higher strength trench drain grates manufacturers started using ductile iron for trench grates.  Cast iron grates are strong and suitable for road drainage grates, driveway drainage grates, and other heavy duty trench drain grate applications.  Ductile iron trench drain grates started out as an aircraft rated trench drain grate.  Over time specifiers began choosing this material for industrial drain grates, road drainage grates, and other channel drain grate applications.  The higher strength ductile iron grates are more expensive but not significantly more expensive.  For most pneumatic tire traffic applications, a cast iron trench drain grate and a ductile iron trench drain grate can be used interchangeably.  Ductile iron and cast iron drain grates are offered in wide slot openings as well as ADA compliant grating and heel proof grate patterns.

​Stainless steel trench drain grates are also very popular.  Some choose them for their look, some for their clean sanitary nature, and others for the chemical resistance.  No matter the reason, we have a stainless steel drain grate for your application.  Our stainless steel trench drain grates are offered in many patters and finishes.  We can make stainless steel trench drain grates in T304 or T316 stainless.  We manufacture ADA compliant gratingheel proof grating, ornamental grating, industrial bar grating an almost any other style of stainless steel trench drain grating.

Epoxy coated steel trench drain grating and galvanized steel trench drain grating are also popular.  These trench grates are good for industrial drain grates, roadway drain grates, cable trench covers, driveway drain grates, and as a general purpose trench drain grate.  These are heavy duty trench grates for a moderate cost.  Steel trench grates should always be coated with either epoxy or galvanized to stop corrosion and rusting.  For northern regions where road salts are used the hot dip galvanized finish on a trench grate will last longer.  As with other materials steel trench grates are offered in many patterns.  ADA gratingheel proof grates, ornamental grate patterns, bar grates, solid covers, or almost any other trench drain grate type can be constructed from steel.

Fiberglass trench grates are less common but very useful for some trench drain grating applications.  Their most common uses are found in the industrialfood and beverage, and marine environments.  This trench grating material is often selected because it doesn’t corrode, is reasonably strong, and has good slip resistance.  The strength of fiberglass trench drain grating is less than that of a steel bar grate, but it will often last longer in a corrosive environment.  The addition of a slip resistant coating to the top side of the trench grate make it useful in slick or constantly wet environments.

Plastic trench drain grates are for foot traffic only.  Some people put them in a driveway trench drain but they will eventually fail.  Plastic trench grates work good around swimming poolskennels, and in a landscape application.  Plastic trench drain grates are inexpensive and come in several colors making them attractive to homeowners.  The poor long term performance limits the commercial trench drain applications.  Plastic grates are typically offered in ADA grate patterns and heel proof grate patterns due to the pedestrian nature of this type of trench drain grate.

​There are other trench grate options such as brass, bronze, aluminum, etc. that are available for special needs.  Dura Trench manufactures all kinds of special trench grates for discerning clients.  We have produced trench grates from stone, pavers, glass, and other materials to meet specific needs.  We can cast special patterns for trench grates.   Let our team of trench drain grate experts help you with your next project.