New UPenn Medical Pavilion Made Possible With the Help of Dura Trench

The newly constructed UPenn Medical Pavilion at one of the most important teaching locations for medical professionals in the US would not have been possible without Dura Trench. The location required 1400 linear feet of Dura Trench products, including TrueRadius trench drains. This drainage needed to be of the highest quality, simple to maintain, and pleasant to look at.

Dura Trench is proud to be able to provide these essential services to residential clients as well as commercial customers. Without these high-quality drainage products, the UPenn Medical Pavilion would not have been possible. Contributing to important projects like the creation of new educational spaces is one of the things that Dura Trench does best.

A New Icon in University City

University radius trench drain system

Like many large college campuses, Penn State has to balance the needs of the students attending classes and the faculty teaching them with the need to expand and grow. The medical industry moves quickly, and changes happen nearly every day. The UPenn Medical Pavilion was a much-needed upgrade to the campus of this top-tier school. However, construction needed to be completed promptly and correctly to ensure that faculty and students were able to continue to work and learn while the pavilion was being finished.

Dura Trench understands the needs of commercial clients, and we are able to provide essential installation services without getting in the way of daily operations at your business location. The new UPenn Medical Pavilion was a much-needed upgrade to the campus, and it was possible for the work to be completed while students continued to attend classes due to the unique design of Dura Trench products.

Dura Trench products are simple to order, simple to install, and can be created to match specific requirements for unique spaces with unique shapes. The process of ordering from Dura Trench ensures that you will receive precisely the drainage products that you need and that these products can be installed promptly and without holdups.

Commercial and educational locations are not the only customers of Dura Trench who have deadlines to meet and expectations related to the timeliness of the project’s completion. Dura Trench can help residential customers keep their construction jobs on track as well. The drainage solutions that you order from us will come to you ready to install and carefully labeled to prevent issues with the installation process. Whether you are going to install your drainage on your own or you have secured an installation team to handle the work for you, Dura Trench products are delivered ready to install and with everything that you need for a seamless and prompt installation process.

Dura Trench Creates Customized Solutions

In the case of the medical campus project, Dura Trench was able to help meet project goals with specific, custom designs. These drains were made to match specific requirements for areas where curved walkways necessitated TrueRadius drains and also to meet specific standards for safety around the courtyard of the medical building.

Dura Trench offers ADA-approved drainage grates and many other custom solutions that can be used to ensure that a commercial property, or in this case, a school property, can be correctly maintained for maximum safety. Being able to prevent standing water as well as other issues related to incorrect or inefficient drainage can help to ensure that accidents are prevented.

Dura Trench can help customers avoid time-consuming projects like custom-poured drainage. Dura Trench products can be made to order and then sent to the location of the construction project, ready to install. In the case of the UPenn Medicine Pavilion, this drainage solution saved time and money and allowed for the highest-quality drainage to be installed to protect campus safety for students, visitors, and staff.

One of the main challenges at this campus location was that there were many pick-up and drop-off locations, which required correct and highly effective drainage to be installed. Patient safety in these areas is of the utmost importance, and shoddy drainage could never be tolerated in these areas.

However, the campus already had existing infrastructure in place in the area of the new construction project, which needed to be utilized as part of the drainage system that was installed by Dura Trench. This is one of the areas where Dura Trench products shine, and it was simple to create effective drainage solutions that could be connected properly to existing infrastructure. This allowed the college to save money and time on the project without impacting the performance of the drainage that was installed for the new building.

Dura Trench makes an array of pre-existing solutions for connections to sewers, storm drains, and more. You can also order custom fitting and accessories for your drainage to make sure that you are able to connect to existing drainage infrastructure correctly and effectively.  In the case of campus projects, there is almost always existing infrastructure providing drainage for the campus which needs to be utilized related to new projects. Drainage can also be impacted by existing structures and infrastructure underneath the new construction site, which must be preserved even if new drainage needs to be installed.

The team at Dura Trench has years of expertise in working on these kinds of drainage needs. You can count on us to come up with the perfect solutions for new construction projects in areas where existing infrastructure needs to be preserved and maintained. These kinds of challenges are hard to meet when you are pouring custom drainage or when you have a strict budget to maintain, but Dura Trench can help you avoid problems related to this kind of challenge with creative and effective solutions that can also save you money.

TrueRadius Drains Offer Beautiful and Highly Effective Drainage Solutions

12" wide true radius trench drain

In the courtyard area of the campus café, the walkways and outdoor seating are oriented in a curve to match the curving walls of the café space. This required that specific, custom drainage be installed. TrueRadius drainage can be the perfect solution for this kind of space. Made to order, these drains can perfectly match the shape and the maximum expected demand on the drainage in tough weather. Best of all, these drains are so sleek and simple in design that they do not impact the aesthetics of the space in question.

The TrueRadius drains that were installed at the UPenn Medical Pavilion perfectly match the curve of the walkway and seating areas. Their subtle design adds to the beauty of the space rather than detracting from it. Because TrueRadius drains are made to order and shipped ready to install, there was no lag time in the project related to creating custom forms for the drains in this area.

TrueRadius products shine in so many applications, but in areas like this one, there is no better drainage solution that you can select for your needs. Being able to install the custom-ordered drains that you need for precisely your location can save an immense amount of time and money for any project requiring curved drainage to meet specific specifications.

Drainage That Meets Unique Slope Requirements

Dura Trench makes it simple for customers to access drainage that can be integrated into areas with unique slope requirements. In the case of the drainage at UPenn Medical Plaza, the courtyard areas were surrounded by planters with vegetation, which required that the installed drainage meet exact specifications and measurements to work properly. Having vegetation areas in and around the medical campus was a key aspect of the proposed design of the construction project, and drainage from these planted areas needed to work perfectly.

Dura Trench has years of experience creating drainage solutions that will protect areas with planters of vegetation while also preventing runoff from these landscaped areas from impacting walkways or buildings in their vicinity. This is one of the areas where incorrect drainage solutions can cause major issues for residential jobs as well as commercial projects.

Being sure that you can remove excess water runoff from landscaped areas is easy when you choose to work with Dura Trench. We make sure that our customers don’t end up having to replace, change, or improve drainage down the road due to issues with runoff from planted or landscaped spaces.

Easy Maintenance

Dura Trench knows that trench drains of all kinds will need routine maintenance. Part of the design of Dura Trench drainage is easy access to make sure that drains are kept clear of debris. The project at UPenn Medical Plaza required that there were various convenient access points that could be used to maintain the drainage in and around the medical buildings. The maintenance team needed to be able to access the drainage in various locations so that they could ensure that there would never be standing water on the property.

This is one of the key benefits of selecting Dura Trench for your drainage installation needs. You can trust us to make sure that it is easy to access your drainage and that you will have no trouble being able to clean out and examine all of the various components of your drainage as needed. Lifting off the custom grates for your drainage installation is simple and you should not need any special tools to be able to provide maintenance for your drainage system.

Many commercial properties hire drainage maintenance experts to handle these services, but the design of Dura Trench drains allows residential customers to tackle this process on their own with ease. Maintenance is just as important as the correct installation of drainage solutions, and Dura Trench makes it easy for customers to access both key benefits of our products.

Dura Tench Offers a Wide Array of Products and Services

No matter what kind of drainage you need to install on your property, you can count on Dura Trench to offer you access to superior drainage solutions. Whether you are looking for a driveway drainage installation kit, basic trench drains, stainless steel drainage products, or TrueRadius drainage, you can count on Dura Trench to help you order the perfect drainage solutions for your location.

We can even offer products like utility trenches and ADA-approved drainage to prevent accidents at your home or business location. We make sure that our clients can benefit from superior drainage for great prices, and we are happy to work on jobs of all sizes. Whether you are looking for drainage to protect your basement from water damage or you have a large commercial property that needs the right drainage to be safe and secure, the team at Dura Trench can help.

For customers who need a little help with the ordering process, Dura Trench offers access to a skilled and experienced customer service team who can advise and guide them as they compile their orders. We can also make it simple to get connected with the right installation team for your specific job. Dura Trench is happy to provide all of the necessary components and fittings to you for an installation job that you will complete yourself, or we can come to your location and provide installation services with ease.

Dura Trench Can Handle Drainage Installations of All Kinds

No matter what kind of drainage you need to install, Dura Trench has the right products for your needs. We can help businesses that deal with caustic runoff to get access to the drainage solutions that they need, and we can also help residential clients to install drainage around garden areas, near driveways, or around their swimming pools.

The UPenn project is just one of the many examples of Dura Trench’s ability to meet the needs of each of our customers. We can meet the installation needs of any customer with ease. If you are ready to upgrade your current drainage, or you have a construction project that will necessitate drainage solutions, reach out to us today! We are happy to discuss your drainage needs and provide a quote for the products and services that you will require.

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