Channel Flow Capacities

Dura Trench offers many different tools for calculating trench drain and slot drain size.  For proper trench drain design you can use the tables below to determine the depth the trench drain or slot drain should be for any given flow rate.  There is also a trench drain calculator spreadsheet attached that can help with trench drain design.  The trench drain capacity calculations should first be done to determine the required flow rate. Using the flow rate find the appropriate width of trench that will carry the flow in a desired depth.  You can also use the attached trench drain calculator to complete your trench drain design.  The calculator tool allows you to type in a given slope and see the flow rate in a numeric value rather than a chart.

​Note that one of the big advantages of the Dura Trench system is that it is not limited to any specific depth or slope.  The designer can alter width, slope, and depth to achieve a suitable trench drain design that will work for the design flow rate.

If the drainage trench design tools below are confusing or you simply need some help feel free to contact one of our engineers.  We can help with your trench drain design by performing sizing calculations, material selections, slope recommendations, or any other trench drain design issue you may have.  Our experts are here to help!