DOT Trench Drains

DOT Trench Drain

Did you know that DuraTrench provides DOT trench drains for all kinds of applications? With our unique manufacturing process, we are able to make trench drains that do more. The DuraTrench can be made at any slope, any width, any depth, changing slope piece by piece, etc. We can connect to structures with any outlet pipe diameter at any location or we can make direct connections with increased slope. Because we can provide deep depths we can often provide similar flow rates at narrower channel depths. Don’t forget that we are a one source supplier for slot drains and trench drains. Visit our page about DOT trench drains for more specific information.

The project above was approximately 1500 linear feet of trench drain installed in SE Florida. The contractor said that this trench drain was one of the fastest installations he has ever had. He utilized the long sections and plywood tops to speed up the installation. The wood tops were utilized to properly brace the trench drains and provide a quality installation. Contact Dura Trench to learn all the ways you will save time and money installing a quality trench drain product on your next project!

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