How is your trench with high heat?

Trench drains can sometimes be found in areas with high heat such as welding areas, boiler areas, food processing, and other industrial areas. Choose Dura Trench advanced polymer concrete trenches when you need a product that will hold up.

The advanced polymer blend that we use has a large portion of glass fiber, ceramics, and aggregate that are not susceptible to burning. As a result, you will notice that there is little damage and no flames when subjected to welding directly on top of the material. It is not a thermal plastic and will not re-melt at high temperatures. In fact, thermal set polymers are even tested with a different test method than thermal set resins because they are not even in the same league. Learn more about trench drain material properties on our website. Dura Trench and our advanced polymer formulas are here to help you extend the life of your next high-temperature trench drain. Visit us at[/vc_column_text]

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