Stainless Steel Grates

Stainless steel grates

Stainless steel grates are an excellent solution for various needs. You might need to have access to a highly durable grate material for a whole host of reasons, and there are many different industries where this kind of durable material is the only way to go for drain installations. Stainless steel grates can be used in breweries, food processing plants, or locations that experience lots of heavy vehicle traffic. Stainless steel is very easy to clean, highly durable, and looks great, which makes it a good choice for all kinds of areas that experience challenges to do with traffic and caustic waste on a daily basis.

If you have been struggling to find a durable grate solution that is suited for your trench drains, you will need to consider stainless steel grates your best bet. Stainless steel drain grates can be made in many different styles and slot arrangements and you will be able to control the flow of water into your drainage system with ease when you employ the right style of stainless steel drain grating in your business or outdoor applications.

Applications for Stainless Steel Grates

Stainless steel grating can be used for floor drains, road drains, parking lot drains, and drainage in walkways and common spaces. This is a highly durable grate style that is typically secured with screws or bolts to make sure that the grating stays in place. This is part of why the stainless steel designs that we offer are so durable. Secure gratings are much less likely to get damaged or to allow debris and messes to clog the trench drain they are covering.

Grating that can hold up to wheeled traffic, foot traffic, and tough chemical liquids running over it is important in applications where other materials would not be able to withstand this kind of daily demand. All of our grating products can be made with various slot arrangements and designs and can be trusted to take care of your drainage needs with ease. You will be able to remove the gratings that you have placed over your trench drains with ease so that you can clean and service the trenches below them, and these grates will rinse off and be ready for use in a few simple steps.

If you have daily cleanup processes that need to be done in your business, you will be appreciative of the easy functionality of our stainless steel grating which can be removed and replaced with ease. Cleaning our drainage installations is simple when you have the right drains and grating installed and maintaining a sanitary and safe work environment is simple when you use stainless steel grating products in your work environment.

In commercial plants where chemicals or acidic runoff might be a daily occurrence, stainless steel grating can be trusted to handle this kind of exposure without breaking down, becoming brittle, or showing wear like etching and pitting. These grates can be made to meet ADA safety requirements as well or be designed with open slotting that allows for a large volume of liquids to pass through them on a daily basis.

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Stainless Steel Grates Comes With Standard Sizing Means Easy Installation

We can offer you access to a full range of standard drain grating that is made with various kinds of slot designs. This means that you can replace grating that is not working for your needs with ease and upgrade your entire trench drain system to a better-performing design. You will also be able to get custom sizing for your grating if you have a drainage system that employs custom drainage solutions that do not fit with the current standardized trench drain sizing.

Our trench grates can be made with T304 or T316 materials for your unique needs. You will get the right durability for your work environment without issue when you have these two choices on the table and the ability to customize your drain sizing and style is an added bonus for the longevity of your installation process. If you are working with us for your trench drain installation as well, pairing up your grates and your trench drains is easy and painless, and you will be able to install the entire system efficiently and without issue.

Choose from perforated drain covers, slotted drain grates, heel-proof grating for areas where wheeled vehicles and feet might get caught in the slots, or pick from diagonal slot designs for improved water flow in areas with exposure to various different liquid runoff sources. All of our standard covers come in stainless steel so that you can get a highly effective and long-lasting drain cover experience from your grating choice.

Grates made with stainless steel

Affordable Stainless Steel Grates Pricing and Quality Customer Support

We stand by our products and our customer service team is ready and waiting to help you with your order. We know what kinds of drain grate products you will need for commercial and business use, and we can advise you about the best products for your unique drainage needs. If you want someone to come to take a look at your drainage system in person, our team of technicians can come to see your business or home property and offer customized advice.

We want our customers to get the perfect stainless steel grates for their drainage system, and we take the time to help you to pick the right grates each time you order from us. If you need a combination of different grating styles and types, you can order various different stainless steel grades for your existing trench drains to make them work their best.

Optimal drain performance depends on the grating that covers the trench drains that you have in place. Sanitary and daily clean-up processes are also made much more efficient when the right drains are installed in your business workspaces. With years of experience guiding the creation of drainage solutions, we can help you to get the right stainless steel grating for your unique business or home requirements.