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 5-inch Wide Extreme Duty Slotted ADA Stainless Steel Trench Drain Grate

 5-inch Wide Extreme Duty Slotted ADA Stainless Steel Trench Drain Grate

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Category: 5" wide trench drain grates, Drainage Grates
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5-inch Wide Extreme Duty Slotted ADA Stainless Steel Trench Drain Grate – longitudinally slotted for ADA compliance & heel proof

  • T304 stainless steel ADA compliant and heel proof
  • Rated for DIN load class E.
  • Most commonly used with Dura Trench 4″ wide stainless steel trench drain, 4″ wide prefabricated trench drain, and 4″ wide catch basins, but may have other applications as intended by the user
  • ADA compliant and “heel proof”
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Selected for its high-quality and heavy gauge durability, this grate is typically used in public areas where a lot of abuse is expected, such as shopping malls, airport terminals, around water fountains, in parks, patios, pavilions, high-end pools, and in food and beverage facilities
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If you need a drainage solution that will look nice and sleek when it is installed and that will be safe for heeled shoes, walkers, and wheelchairs to pass over it, you need stainless steel slot grates. These are well-made and durable items that can handle all kinds of tough traffic as well as vehicles passing over them and chemical runoff. These are common grates to choose from for use in industrial locations as well as very high traffic areas that experience forklift traffic and vehicle traffic all day long.

Durable drainage grates are hard to find unless you get ones that are made from the right materials and stainless steel grates are some of the best around for this reason. In brewery and food processing environments, these slot drain covers can provide safety as well as durability with ease.

Being able to just rinse off your drain cover after you access the drain beneath it is a really nice benefit of the use of this kind of drainage cover for your trench drains. In places that work with chemicals or experience a lot of tough traffic and debris each day, a stainless steel grate is really a necessity.

These drain grates are safe enough and look nice enough to be used in parking lots, walkways, and other areas as well. Airports, spaces near public fountains, and parking lots on the roof of a parking garage are common places to see these stainless steel grates in place. They are tough enough to handle the harsh weather of many outdoor locations and yet look nice enough and seamless enough to be safe and effective even in high-traffic areas.

Plastic drainage covers are not usually up to the challenges of weather and lots of foot traffic, but these stainless-steel drain grates are the right choice for this kind of need. Despite being made of steel, these drainage grates will be easy to pick up off the trench and then to replace when you are done with maintenance work.

These covers for your 4” wide stainless steel trench drains or your 4” wide prefabricated drains are also ADA compliant. This means that they are the safest drain covers that you can select for trench drainage solutions and they will never cause anyone to slip, trip, or fall. This is great for businesses and home use alike and you will have the added peace of mind that no one who sets foot on your property will be hurt due to an accident.

Being able to trust your drain grates to stay in place is important. No one wants to spend the money to get a drainage solution and put it in place, only to have it let them down as soon as there are challenges of traffic or wheeled items that have to pass over them and cannot. Getting the right quality drainage solutions in place on your property is easy when you work with us and use these ADA-compliant products that will handle challenges without breaking stride.

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