Dura Trench apart of New Virginia Class Submarine Production Facility

Case Studies

Newport News Shipbuilding new Joint Manufacturing Assembly Facility (JMAF) has a large curved utility trench that supports the construction of the Virginia Class Submarine. The submarine sections are built vertical in an impressive tool.

After completion the sections are rotated 90deg then rolled out of the building to be assembled to the rest of the submarine. The frames and covers for the utility trench were fabricated to the designers specifications. Which had to withstand the heavy dynamic loading from the multi-wheel transporters actions. This 1000+ feet of utility trench was very technical with multiple size changes (52″-12″ wide), intersections, and various small details. It carried all of the key utilities from electricity, air & gas conduits, and the fluids needed to create these large sections.

This represents another industrial project where DuraTrench can be adapted to meet a clients needs.

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