Trench Drain Cover Ideas

There are many kinds of trench drain covers that you can use for your trench drain installation process. Both simple and embellished trench drain covers can be used to protect your drainage, and there are many materials that your drain grates can be made from as well. Picking the right trench drain grates can make a big impact on the function of your drainage system.

There are many options that can offer safety as well as style if you need to be sure that heeled shoes can pass over your trench drain or that wheeled carts and other traffic will not be impeded. Trench drain covers can be used in various applications, from home to business purposes, and getting the right drain covers makes a big difference in all of these unique locations.

These trench drain cover types are perfect for both home and business applications. You will be able to find the right kind of grating made from the right material with ease once you know how many choices there are available to you. Trench drain covers are key to the function of your drainage system, and you will want to ensure that you get the right ones for your unique situation.

1.       ADA-Approved Grates

If you have a business location that has trench drains in walkways or parking lot areas, or even workspaces, you will need to consider ADA-approved drain covers. These covers will prevent issues with heels getting stuck in the grating, and they will also be safe for wheeled traffic and items like wheelchairs to pass over them. This can be a great solution for your drainage at home as well as at work.

Most of these drain grates can be selected in different patterns as well, adding to the customization of the covers and their effectiveness.

2.       Solid Trench Covers

Solid trench covers can be used in many locations but are ideal in places where slip resistance is essential to the safety of the walking surface. Breweries, airports, and wastewater treatment facilities usually opt for this kind of trench drain cover to observe safety and to provide a sleek and attractive finish to the drains.

While this might be a trench cover style that is most common in industrial settings, it can still be used in other applications as well.

3.       Standard Drain Bar Grate

Standard drain grates can be perfect for various different applications, from home to business use. You will find that these are often the best grates for high volumes of water and they are really ideal if there is a chance that you will have large debris of any kind fall into your drains. While not ADA-approved, these trench drain grates are perfect for a wide array of other applications.

This is a grate style that comes in many sizes and dimensions and which can be made from various materials as well. You will want to consider this grate type for walkways, driveways, and applications where there could be a sudden high volume of water that needs to be attended to by your drainage system.

4.       Mesh Drain Covers

Mesh covers can be useful in many applications as they allow a high volume of water to flow through the grate without requiring large slots that can catch shoes and other items in them. These are also usually ADA-approved grates, and they are often anti-slip for locations where debris might create a traction issue. If you have a lot of tree debris or other detritus that might get into your trench drains, this could be a good solution for your home as well.

This is a common drain grate style for use in veterinary and dog kennel applications, as well as brewery and manufacturing industry locations. You might also want to consider this kind of trench drain cover if you are worried about plant material clogging the drains around a fountain or near a pool.

5.       Decorative Drain Grates

Decorative grates are ideal for home use and can be perfect for areas around pools and fountains. These gratings will protect your trench drain from debris and make the drainage safe to walk over without being industrial or plain-looking. Decorative drain grates come in a wide array of patterns and can be made from many materials.

These drain grates can become an actual decorative feature of your yard or walkways and paths that have drainage bisecting them. Being able to dress up the area around your home or business can be a nice option when considering which kind of drain grate to select.

6.       Corrosion-Resistant Drain Grates

Corrosion-resistant drainage grates are ideal for manufacturing locations. They can be trusted to hold up to tough challenges like harsh chemicals and caustic substances. This is a common selection for breweries due to the nature of the water runoff that is produced when making beer.

You might also need to have this kind of grate around a pool area or a basement space in home applications. Corrosion-resistant drain grates can be ideal for many locations and purposes, and there are a few different kinds of materials that they can be made of to suit your specific needs.

There Are Trench Drain Covers For Any Need

Trench drain covers come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from many different materials. These various choices help to customize your trench drain cover arrangement to ensure that you get the maximum performance from your drainage system. Without the right trench drain covers, you cannot be sure that your drains will work as they should.

There are plain as well as decorative covers for your trench drains, making it easy to customize your drainage solutions correctly. From pool areas to spaces in gardens, or along walkways, to manufacturing applications, there are trench drain grates for any need. Working with a skilled installer will help you to select the right trench drain grates for any need and any application.

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