How to Cover a Trench Drain so it Lasts

Protecting the effort and money that you have put into a trench drain system is important. Trench drains need to be covered in order to remain functional and enjoy the longevity that you are looking for. Without trench drain grates or covers, your trench drains will also pose a hazard for anyone trying to walk around them or across them.

Trench drain covers are key to the process of designing and installing a trench drain system. You need to be sure that you are thinking about this important part of the trench drain system that you are installing, along with the other aspects of the design. Getting the right covers is key for a successful trench drain installation.

Trench Drain Covers That Will Last

Trench drain covers are essential for your drainage solutions for so many reasons. They keep debris out of the drain, and they ensure that you are able to keep the people who come to your property safe from harm. Trench drains cannot be left open as they would expose people around them to hazards, and they cannot be left unprotected due to the risk of clogs and damage to your drainage system. If you have catch basins and other kinds of additions to your drainage solution, they will also need to be protected from damage by having the right drain covers on your trench drains.

1.       ADA- Approved Grates

These grates are made to be safe for foot traffic and wheeled traffic to pass over. When you own a commercial property or have lots of people over to your home, you need to make sure that no one will get hurt when crossing your trench drains. ADA covers are made to hold up to tough challenges and are specifically designed to protect people from injury while still allowing the maximum water flow into the drain system beneath the cover.

ADA-approved grates are a really good investment for many different kinds of locations and can be the answer to your trench drain system’s longevity needs. Beyond being tough and durable, these covers look nice and are very safe. This can be a great argument in their favor because they offer so many benefits along with the perk of keeping your trench drains safe on a daily basis.

2.       Solid Trench Drain Covers

Trench drain covers that are solid can be perfect for areas where there is wheeled traffic and where there is a lot of foot traffic that passes over the drain every day. You could use these kinds of drain covers for home applications as well if you are worried about the structural integrity of the drain below the cover. These covers come in many materials as well, making them a great option for locations like breweries and manufacturing plants.

3.       Metal Trench Drain Covers

There are various metal trench drain covers that can be used to cover your trench drains so that they will hold up to lots of use and years of service. There are various kinds of metal covers that you can pick for your trench drains that will hold up to tough chemical exposure, heavy, wheeled traffic, and more. Metal trench drain covers are a great solution for ultra-durable protection for your trench drains and can be used in any place where you decide to install a trench drain.

These kinds of trench drain covers are common in manufacturing locations and places like breweries, but they can be applied anywhere that a sturdy trench drain cover is needed. There are so many reasons that you might want to use this kind of drain cover for your home or business, and this option is to top your list of ideas for durable and effective trench drain covers.

4.       Slotted Trench Drain Grates

Trench drain grates that are made with smaller slots in them will be highly durable for any application. These grates can be trusted to handle even the roughest winter or the highest volume of water that needs to be drained away from an area. You can also get slotted drains in a wide array of different materials to ensure that your drainage solutions will hold up perfectly no matter what is thrown at them. Best of all, these drain gratings are really sleek and look very nice in areas where you might want a more discrete drainage solution.

5.       Decorative Grates

There are some situations where only a decorated trench drain grating will do. These grates can be made from a wide array of materials and can be trusted to tackle even the toughest conditions to keep your trench drains in good working order. Being sure that you are getting the max benefit from your trench drains while also enjoying a very attractive finished product is a key benefit to this choice. You might choose to stamp these kinds of grates with a wide array of patterns for your unique situation and taste.

Trench Drain Covers Can be Durable and Nice to Look at

If you have been worried that your trench drain covers will be unattractive due to being durable, you do not have to spare this worry a moment’s thought. There are many kinds of sleek and unobtrusive trench drain covers that can be trusted to tackle tough challenges on a daily basis while also looking really nice. From stamped and decorative covers to metal covers that are made to be ultra-tough, you have lots of options when it comes to selecting this part of your trench drainage system.

The trench drain covers that you select will offer your trench drain an added benefit for longevity, but they are also an important part of the drainage system to ensure that no one gets hurt when they are walking around an area that has a trench drain installed in it. There are lots of benefits that your drainage system can enjoy related to making the right trench drain cover choice.

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