Why Use a Trench Drain Cover

Trench drains are a very effective drainage solution that you can use in your home or at your business. You will find that these drains are cost-effective and they are simple to install. One of the key parts of the design of these drains is the trench drain cover. This cover is what keeps the trench clear of debris, and the grate also controls the flow of water into the drain.

Having trench drain covers is important for many reasons. Most people do not understand just how important the trench drain cover is for the protection and function of their installed drains. Knowing more about this part of your trench drain system can ensure that you are not going to have trouble with your installed trench drains on your property.

Why a Trench Drain Cover is important

1.       Protection of the Drain

Many trench drains are located in areas where there is foot traffic, and they also might be in areas where tree debris or other kinds of debris could be included in the water or runoff that is flowing into the trench. Trenches that are not protected can create a significant tripping hazard, and they also look unsightly compared to drains that have covers over them.

Another factor that your trench drain cover handles for your drainage system is protected from debris. When leaves or offal from industrial processes get into the drains that you have installed on your property, the drain can become clogged. This can lead to a much bigger mess on the surface that you are trying to keep water off of. It can also lead to issues farther down the line related to clogged collection points or issues that might block water from getting into the sewer system.

2.       Trench Drain Covers Can be Customized

One of the other nice things about trench drain covers is that they can be customized to have the right number of slots or even to be decorative. There are many versions of this kind of drain grating that can be added to your drains to make them work perfectly for your needs. Trench drain covers are an essential part of your trench drain system, and they can help make your entire yard or working space more beautiful and more efficient, as well as make them safer than ever.

Trench drain covers are not one-size-fits-all, which makes them a great addition to your drainage solution, no matter how big or small your trench drains are. Trench drains can do so much more than just remove excess water from areas where it tends to collect. They can also beautify and make your property much more usable than it ever has been before.

3.       Trench Drains Covers Can Improve Safety

As mentioned earlier, trench drain covers are mandatory to keep your trench drains from becoming a tripping hazard. These covers can also be made to protect against heeled shoes sticking in the gratings and to be ADA-approved to allow wheeled items to pass over the gratings without issues. This is something that most people don’t think about but which can have a big impact on the safety of public places or workstations in factory locations.

In some places, these ADA-approved grates are required, but you could always opt to pick an ADA grating to be sure that no one will get hurt or run into issues when they are interacting with areas that have trench drains in them. Even if you have an area in your garden with a trench drain that needs a grate, a cover that will allow wheeled carts to pass over, it readily can be a big improvement to the space.

Picking the right gratings for safety can be a key part of ensuring that you are going to have usable spaces in your home or business that are not covered with water when it rains or when work processes create a mess.

4.       Reduced Maintenance

Trench drains have to be cleaned out at least once a year, but if you don’t have the right grating over your trench drains, you might need to clean out your drains many times a year or even many times a month. Having the right grates over your drains will reduce your maintenance needs immensely.

While it is quite simple to clean up a trench drain, it is not something that most people want to tackle on a very regular basis. This is a job that should only need to be handled a few times a year or in the instance that the drain is not collecting water as it should due to a clog or other issue. You will be sparing your entire water runoff system a lot of damage and strain just by reducing the potential for maintenance issues throughout the year. Plus, having a drain that is not working due to a lack of maintenance pretty much defeats the purpose of installing the drains at all, so this is a great investment in your drainage system from start to finish.

Trench Drain Grates are an Essential for Your Drainage System
There are so many reasons that you need to have the right grates over your trench drains. From safety to reduced maintenance to improve the appearance of an area with trench drains in it, there are lots of great reasons that you will benefit from adding grates to your trench drain system. Trench drain grates are one of the most customizable parts of your drainage system, and they are the easiest part of the drainage system to care for as well.

If you are tired of looking at boring drains that you have installed, or you are worried about people’s heels catching in the grates or other problems to do with the safety of your drains, a change in grating might be needed. Trench drain grates come in all shapes and sizes and provide a lot of wonderful benefits to your drainage system.

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