What Are Architectural Drain Grates?

There are many different kinds of drainage grates that you can select from when you are installing drainage on your property. These grates can be made with many materials, ranging from lightweight plastic to heavier metal materials that are more durable. All of these kinds of grates can typically be customized to meet the artistic demands of unique spaces as well.

Architectural grates for drainage systems are a great option for those looking to create a unique, polished look for their drainage system installation. These kinds of metal gratings can be crafted to include many different patterns and designs so that your drainage gratings blend right into the surrounding landscaping or styling of courtyards and other public spaces.

Ordering foundry items can be a great way to make sure that you are getting access to a durable and effective drainage grating solution that is also beautiful to look at.

What Do Drain Grates Do?

Drainage grates are used to protect the trench drain itself. Exposed trench drains would also be a tripping hazard if they did not have grates to cover the drain surface. The grating that is chosen for a trench drain can help to keep debris from falling into the drain and clogging it and can also protect the integrity of the drain shape.

Without gratings, your trench drains would effectively be sitting completely open and unprotected, leading to damage, potential for injuries, and problems with flooding and drain clogs. You need gratings on any kind of trench drain that you install other than slot drains. Gratings can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to match the needs of each drainage location. Whether you are looking for gratings for a walkway, a courtyard, or a factory, you will need to make sure that the gratings that you select are a good match for the space in question.

What is an Architectural Drain Grate?

Architectural drain grates are designed to look like they are part of the surrounding buildings, walkways, or structures in an area that also needs to have trench drains placed in it. These drainage solutions are often highly customized to be sure that they will match the surrounding design notes of the area in question.

Fountains and walkways in courtyards are common areas where these kinds of gratings need to be placed. Businesses tend to need these kinds of gratings more often than those who are looking to install home drainage systems. However, if you have a large pool or a big courtyard, you might want to install gratings in this style as well.

Companies that are experienced in creating these kinds of drainage solutions will often have their own foundry where they can create customized metal gratings in nearly any style. Foundry-created gratings can be made in nearly any size and shape and with any kind of design notes. There might be limitations to the kind of metal that is used for foundry-poured items, however, because not every kind of metal can be heated and shaped using this method.

Where Are Architectural Drain Grates Used?

In many cases, architectural drain grates are used around fountains, swimming pools, and in courtyard spaces. However, there is nothing that says that you cannot use architectural grates along paths or even in parking lots on your property. Gratings of this kind can be made in many shapes and sizes, but the beauty of these pieces is best displayed in larger gratings.

Architectural grates are often made to handle a larger volume of water run-off as well, making them a good fit for places like swimming pools or areas where flooding is quite common. Areas where the pressures of foot traffic and a high volume of water to contend with will often require more durable drainage solutions. This means that architectural drain grates might be the perfect solution to preserve function and style in these locations. Learn more about minimizing water buildup in your yard here.

Advantages of Architectural Drain Grates

There are many reasons that this kind of grating can be ideal for custom solutions of this kind. Because metal can be shaped readily into many designs, using metals that can be poured and shaped in the foundry allows for a wide range of customized creations for this purpose. Foundry-made items are a very good solution for places where the appearance of the drainage solutions you have installed is just as critical as the overall function of the drains.

One of the other advantages of architectural drain grates is that they are very durable and often do not show wear in the way that other materials might. Metal gratings, as a rule, are able to withstand challenges related to heat and cold, as well as heavy foot traffic or even vehicle traffic. Most people think of plain metal grate covers when thinking about durable drainage solutions. You are not confined to simple styling, however, when it comes to metal gratings since they can be forged into a wide array of different shapes and designs.

Architectural drain grates can also be ideal if you need to ensure that your trench drains are ADA-compliant and safe for foot traffic to pass over it all day long. Just because the grates that you have ordered are custom-made and have design notes included to make them more attractive does not mean that they cannot be created to meet ADA requirements. For public spaces, this is a game-changer and can offer much more attractive drainage solutions without sacrificing safety considerations.

Dura Trench Can Create Custom Foundry Items With Ease

Dura Trench not only makes pre-fabricated drainage solutions that you can trust, but we can also make you customized foundry grates for your drainage solutions. These custom drainage grates are often the perfect solution for areas where the overall style and theming of the space need to be matched perfectly. Foundry items are durable, attractive, and easy to make to custom specifications. No matter what kind of drainage solutions you are looking for, Dura Trench can help!

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