Advanced Polymer Technology

Eric’sons engineers developed their proprietary polymer formula based on years of experience in the trench drain industry.  Typical polymer concrete has about 5%-10% resin and the remainder is aggregate and fillers.  Dura-Trench contains six times more resin, has ultraviolet light inhibitors, and has space age ceramic beads to increase wear resistance beyond typical polymer concretes.  The Dura Trench product is revolutionary when compared to most other trench brands that have not changed their formulations since the 1970’s.  A lot has changed since then!



High quality resins act as the glue holding the aggregates together.  The basic polyester resin material has good chemical resistance and is suitable for most applications.  Chemical resistant Vinyl Ester resins, fire retardant blends, and even specialty blends for very high temperatures or other specific needs can be formulated per application.


Dura-Trench resin systems utilizes super hard ceramics and stone aggregates.  The aggregates are tightly graded to form a matrix that has extremely high compressive strengths. The addition of space age ceramics that have a 7 Mohls hardness give the Dura Trench product line superior abrasion resistance.  High abrasion and compressive strengths yield a superior useful life.


Glass fibers are introduced into the resin blend acting much like reinforcing bars in concrete.  The long glass fibers create a strong yet light weight composite material that won’t break when dropped.  Typical polymer concretes are very brittle and often break in transit, during installation, and in some cases during severe dynamic loading.  The addition of glass fibers give the Dura Trench resins tensile and flexural strengths in excess of 5X a typical polymer concrete.  Fewer job site delays, easier installation, and less product failures result from the increase in strength.


  • Will not bow due to heat & temperature changes like typical plastics
  • Will not expand and contract like typical plastics
  • Will not break like typical polymer concretes
  • Is not susceptible to UV degradation