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8 inch wide stainless trench drain

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8 inch wide stainless trench drain

8″ wide interior trench drain.  Can be sloped from 3″ to 12″ deep typical. Typically used for flows up to 6 cfs (2,775 gpm).  Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, end plates and outlets.  Accepts any of the 10″ wide trench drain grates. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Slot drains are one of the most practical additions to any drainage system. You will find that these are the most practical drains that you can install for high volumes of runoff and you will find that you can protect your overall drainage system from debris and other messes if you install the right size drain for the needs of your location. These drains are made to handle volumes of water that are moving rapidly and to prevent debris from collecting in the drain at the same time.

You can set up these drains at a slope that will take care of the volume with ease and deliver it to the rest of the drain system with ease. You can easily fit this system with drain grates and other drainage solutions. Trench drains are made to provide an elongated drainage surface that will pull the full volume of water off of sidewalks, walkways, workspaces, and more.

These are essentially gutters in the ground but they can also be made to be reinforced to be sturdy enough for all uses. You can make trench drains that can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles, forklifts, foot traffic, and other challenges with ease. Our quality drains come in a full range of sizes and material options that will allow you to customize them for any need that you might have.

If you need custom sizes, we will make sure that you get the custom drainage that you need. We make our drains to start out with a slope of 0.5% but can customize this part of the design to your needs as well. Stainless steel drains are the best choice for tough runoff that might include chemicals that can break down other trenching materials. Stainless steel drains also are best suited to withstand the pressure of vehicles passing over them.

Trench drains are the best choice for construction sites, worksites, and areas in businesses that have a high volume of water runoff to handle. Our trench drains are made to be shipped in segments that install readily and will be easy to place. You will get all of your drainage needs with ease when you work with us for your trench drain solutions.

Make sure that you pair your trench drains with quality outlets, collection basins, and storm sewers on your property. We can help provide solutions for these needs as well to pair with your quality trench drains.

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