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18 inch wide stainless trench drain

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18 inch wide stainless trench drain

18″ wide interior trench drains can be sloped from 4″ to 18″ deep typical. Typically used for flows up to 15 cfs (6,725 gpm).  Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, end plates and outlets.  Accepts any of the 20″ wide trench drain grates. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Trench drains are often an essential part of any drainage system for your home or your business. Stainless steel drains and trench drains are made to hold up to tough runoff that might include chemical wastes that could damage or cause the breakdown of essential parts of your drain system. You might also need stainless steel drains when you are installing these items in locations that experience heavy traffic from trucks and forklifts.

Stainless steel drains made by Dura Trench can be used in many applications and are shipped to you in segments that are easy to install and join together. You will save lots of money on your shipping and lots of headaches during your install when you buy from us. We make sure that you can add our drains to your existing system with ease and you can install grates and other upgrades as needed to prevent the inclusion of wastes and solids in your water runoff.

If you operate or own a brewery or food processing location, these solids can mix with your wastewater and cause all kinds of issues that you might want to avoid. Making sure that you are able to clean and sanitize your drains is important and we make sure that you have the right drains for tough jobs that are also easy to care for and do upkeep on.

Stainless steel drains can hold up to run off and waste that would break down other drain materials and they are easy to reinforce to hold up to the weight of lots of traffic. This makes them the ideal choice for most industrial uses and they can be perfect for areas that get a lot of traffic even if the runoff that they are collecting is only water.

Being able to clean out and sanitize these drains is easy and you can get custom size drains for your unique needs as well. If you have a tough location that needs a special drain size, we can make that drain for you and it will come with all of the usual benefits related to fitting the pieces of the drain together with ease. You will be able to install our custom drainage solutions with the same seamless install process as you will experience with our prefabricated drain sizes.

Whether you are trying to make sure that you can deal with large volumes of water runoff on your property or you are trying to handle industrial wastes at a job site or a manufacturing plant, these drainage solutions are made for your needs. There is nothing like the peace of mind that you will get from knowing that your drain will hold up to even the toughest jobs and tasks and we can offer that to you each time you buy from us.

Trench drains are only as effective as the materials that they are made of and the design that is behind their construction and you will get all of these benefits and more when you work with us for your trench drain order.

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