2 inch wide stainless slotted drain



2 inch wide stainless slotted drain

2″ wide interior slotted drain (slot drain) can be sloped from 3″ to 12″ deep typical. Typically used for flows up to 0.1 cfs (40 gpm).  Comes complete with installation brackets, end plates and outlets. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Slot drains are a great drainage solution for many needs. You will be able to keep debris out of your drains and you will find that slot drains are the best solution for this need. Keeping wastewater free of debris is very important in some locations.

You will want to keep debris out of your drains when you operate a manufacturing location or a brewery and you will be glad that you installed this kind of drain for this need. 2-inch drains are perfect for this need and you will get a drain that will handle large amounts of water without having debris in the water.

These drains are easy to install in walkways as well as manufacturing floors and food preparation locations and you will find that there are few drainage solutions that are so versatile. You will be glad that you used these drains if you are trying to maintain drainage that can hold up to chemical runoff. You will find that slot drains are able to handle high volumes of water without including solid waste in the drainage.

If you are trying to fit your slot drains into your existing drainage system, our drains are perfect for this need and they are easy to customize to any size system. Drainage systems are often made up of many different kinds of drain solutions and you will find that slot drains are a valuable inclusion in many different drainage systems. You will be able to use these drains in your walkways and along the edges of workspaces that might experience exposure to water wastes.

These are the right kind of drains if you are worried about trips and falls or slips and falls. You will be able to keep water off the floor without having tripping risks in your walkways and other work locations. You will also be able to use these drains in your walking paths that are not exposed to work processes.

Even walkways that lead to business entrances and parking lots might have standing water on them that can lead to safety risks. Slot drains are perfect to prevent this kind of issue and you will be glad that you are using these kinds of drains to keep these areas safe and secure.

Slot drains are commonly used around pools and fountains and they can keep water off of the spaces that experience foot traffic near these water features. Bare feet will not be caught in these kinds of drains and if you are trying to be sure that your fountain will not lead to trips or slips and falls in a park or other location, these are the right drains for your needs.

These drains can be sloped as needed from 3” to 12” which means that you will have no issues connecting your slot drains to the rest of your drainage solutions. This is one of the key reasons that slot drains are so effective and they can be used in many applications with ease.

Additional information

PRODUCT INFO Trench width: 2" I.D. Section length: 8' long Depth: varies from 3" to 12" Slope: 0.5% typical (any other slope as required) Trench Material:  16ga T304 stainless steel (call for optional T316 SS) Frame Material:  Integral formed frame   Note:  after placing order a customer service representative will call you to confirm the details of your order and that it is configured in the manner that you choose.  
RETURN & REFUND POLICY This product is assembled to order and will be custom built to your specifications.  As a result the trench is non-returnable.  Grates and locking hardware are returnable.  If they are in re-saleable condition they will be accepted and will be assessed a 25% restocking fee.
SHIPPING INFO Shipping of the DuraTrench product is by truck freight only due to the long section lengths.  A forklift is recommended to unload the materials, however, lift gate service is available for an additional charge.