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12-inch Industrial Floor Drain

bottom outlet – sch 10 stainless steel

all covers are sch10 stainless steel

T316 stainless steel

does not include membrane

Category: Stainless Steel Drains

12-inch Industrial Floor Drain


What sets our Industrial Floor Drains apart from the competition??

Standard Features
  • Our industrial floor drains come standard in T316 stainless steel. T316 is more chemically resistant, stronger, and sanitary and matches up with most push-fit piping systems. T316 is a significant upcharge for all other manufacturers but is standard with Dura Trench.
  • Our standard drain covers have a domed top to prevent standing water. This feature dramatically reduces the chances of a slippery surface – a critical element in many food preparation areas.
  • Our standard drain covers also feature finger holes and are all forklift rated. Thanks to fitted tabs within the drain, you won’t have to be concerned with them popping out. You can permanently lock them into place with simple set screws.
  • Every Dura Trench floor drain comes with an orange rubber cap that acts as a screed ledge and keeps concrete out of the drain during concrete installation. This ledge also allows for accurately screeding concrete for 1/4″-thick resinous floorings systems and provides a keyway for resinous flooring systems to keep them from delaminating next to the drains.
  • The circular rims eliminate stress concentrations and cracking in surrounding concrete and resinous flooring systems.
  • The reverse bevel on the drain edge captures resinous flooring material.
  • The floor drain features an outlet protector that shields the outlet if the trash basket becomes missing.
  • The outlet pipe is standard Sch10 stainless steel. Choose your outlet pipe size – 3″, 4″, or 6″
Need something a little different? 

Find your local sales representative for distributor pricing, bulk-order pricing, additional options, and customizations.

  • Specialty strainer baskets
  • Alternative outlet pipe placement
  • P-Trap drain pipe


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