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Stainless Clean Out

Category: Stainless Steel Drains

Industrial & Food grade stainless steel clean out.  Clean out is rated for forklift traffic.  Interior clean out body has o-ring to seal top cover with internal threaded plug.  The traffic rated stainless steel cover is secured with three screws.  Outlet pipe can be ordered with  3″ or 4″ diameter stainless steel no-hub connection.  The clean out is typically supplied as T304 stainless steel with a bead blast finish.  (T316 stainless steel is offered upon request for an additional charge)

Stainless clean out drains are made to create easy access to trunk lines that might need to be cleaned out on a periodic basis. These can come in round and square shapes depending on the needs of your drainage system. Quality cleanouts will be made to stand up to forklift traffic and more.
Clean outs are finished with bead blasting and you can usually get them in stainless steel as well. These are usually secured with a few screws and are easy to access at any time that they need to be opened up. Clean outs are made with easy to access caps that can be readily removed for easy access. You can buy extra caps in most cases since it can be easy to break a cap when you are breaking it loose from the pipe.

What Are Clean Outs Used For?

Drain clean outs are made to access sewer lines and other kinds of drain lines in your home drainage system or business drainage system. Cleanouts are not needed until the drains are clogged in some way, but they come in very handy if a drain in your overall drainage system has become clogged. You can usually identify these drains because they look like capped pipes that stick out of the ground just a little bit.

Do I Need Clean Outs?

While you can possibly get by without these clean out access points in your drainage system, if you have long drainage lines in your business or your home, you should probably have at least a few of them throughout the lines. If you own a business that has solids in their daily water waste and run off, you should plan to have these access points at any point that might get clogged easily. This can save you a lot of time and effort dealing with less ideal and direct clean out methods when a pipe has become clogged.

How to Open Your Clean Outs

If you have clean outs in your drainage system, they are surprisingly easy to access. You will just need to have a screwdriver of the right size to unscrew the lid of the clean out so that you can access it. You can also tap the cap lightly with a hammer if you need some help getting it broken loose of the rest of the cap assembly. If you break a cap, you can easily replace it with a new cap. Replacing the caps is a simple matter of putting the screws back into the cap and securing it again.

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