Trench Drains in Miami, Florida

Trench Drains in Miami, Florida

When shopping for trench drains, it’s important to find a company that has technical expertise as well as top-notch customer service.  From areas such as food prep areas to commercial facilities, Dura Trench has the right products for your unique project’s needs.  The best part is that our highly knowledgeable sales reps will come right to your project site to help you find the best solution.

What Makes Dura Trench Superior to Other Miami Area Drain Providers?

Dura Trench utilizes the most innovative technology in the industry.  We utilize proprietary durable fiber reinforced polymer concrete, which results in incredible durability.  This is in stark contrast with competitors who use only 5% to 10% resin.

We use SIX TIMES the resin in our high-quality products.  In addition, many of our competitors used outdated practices and rely on antiquated production techniques.

Our focus on evolving technology Dura Trench pays off big for our customers.  Your drain will not be vulnerable to UV degradation, essential in the Miami climate.  It will also better withstand extreme temperature changes.  It will also not rupture like standard polymer concretes.

Why Drain Size Is an Important Factor

Our minimum length of 8-foot sections for our premade concrete trenches means fewer joints for your project. As you might have experienced in previous projects, joints are prone to complications. Fewer joints mean less risk to your drain system.

We’ve also designed an overlap bell that is 2 inches where the sections come together. This results in a more impermeable and watertight connection.

Longer pieces also mean a quicker installation process.  This allows you to save time and money without sacrificing quality.  With a lightweight design, your drain system can be easily installed by a small crew while still maintaining and following OSHA rules and regulations.  This can only be done with Dura Trench products.

Dura Trench Utility Trenches

Using the Dura Trench utility trenches can be the ideal fit for your project, especially when you need it to attach pipes or cables.  The Dura Trench utility trenches are unique because they have a fully integrated channel strut cast into the body of the trench.  Dura Trench materials and products are not replicated anywhere else, and this means Dura Trench has the right product to meet your exact needs.

Miami Area Dura Trench Drains and Slot Drains

Dura Trenches drains are available in all standard sizes, including 2 to 48 inches and sizes in between.  The drain slopes can be made to order to your exact specifications.  Through the Dura Trench process, we can fit them with any size and type of outlet pipe.  There is no project too big or small.

You may also know these drains as slotted pipes or slotted drains.  Just like the previous drain mentioned, the slot drain can be tailor-made using any slope required.  Sizes offered range from standard 4 to 12 inches as well as larger sizes in 15, 18, 21, 24, and 36-inch lengths.  There is nothing better out there on the market than the Dura Trench slot drains, and you will be able to see it to believe it when you have a rep come to you.

Dura Trench Stainless Steel Drains and Radius Trench Drains in Miami

Be it slot trenches or trench drains, Dura Trench offers stainless steel options to fit any project.  The Dura Trench drains are built from 304 and 3216 stainless steel.  With a flawless design and superior stainless steel, chemical resistance is high.  These stainless steel products from Dura Trench can be sent directly to you in long sections to avoid the need for welding and joints.

Using a Dura Trench radius trench is ideal to meet the exact project specifications. The radius trenches can be made to any width, depth, radius, and scope.  Do not let projects with round edges throw you for a curve.  A Dura Trench rep and their expertise can help you make the most of your project!

Bringing High-Quality Design to Miami with Dura Trench Research

We use the highest quality materials to produce our trenches resulting in a superior product.  The Dura Trench systems work better than other systems due to the fact that Dura Trench has been studying commercial trenches and industrial trench failures for years.

Dura Trench can make improvements to their own heavy-duty trench systems because they spend time studying and evaluating the mistakes and flaws in others’ products and designs.  Dura Trench does not believe in cutting corners; we believe in finding resolutions to drainage problems that will make your project outcome the very best possible.

Let Our Trench Drain Products Enhance Your Miami Project

Dura Trench projects have been used all over in the commercial and industrial settings around the country. Living in the Miami area means a lot of rain – approximately 62 inches of rain falls in Miami annually, which is above the state average.

With this, you know that from areas of transportation like roads and airports to buildings and even pools, the safety of Dura Trench products is the top priority.  Dura Trench representative comes directly to you when you have a project that needs trenches to be done.  No matter the project size, we can serve you.

Meeting With An Expert Dura Trench Rep in Miami

Dura Trench products are made to be a part of your projects.  You can expect superior materials that do not warp or break.  You also know that by using Dura Trench, there will always be a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from.

What makes the experience of using Dura Trench even better is the fact that you do not have to travel to get an idea for solutions to your projects.  Our Dura Trench sales representatives are eager and ready to hear from you and give you expert advice about your project because we truly care about your end result.

Dura Trench is proud to be associated with high-end work and quality products.  It makes sense for us to come to you because your time, resources, and budget should all be spent wisely.  Find the rep closest to you by looking at the Dura Trench Find Sales Rep page.  Contact us today to schedule your meeting and get your custom drain order process off to a great start!