Trench Drains in Dallas, TX

Trench Drains in Dallas, TX

Do you need quality assurance on all things integral to the drainage of your infrastructure? Does your property or business need protection from unpredictable weather and spillage? Dura Trech has the right tools for the job. Clients can rest easy and stay put when it comes to working with our company. We will come out to you!

Why Dura Trench is the Best Dallas Trench Drain Option

We make use of only the most modern technologies. Our heavy-duty products always maintain the industry standard with proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer concrete. Weighed up against our competitors, who incorporate an average of 5% of 10% resin, our line uses SIX TIMES the average. This results in a more resilient product every time. That means ultimately less hassle for you!

Our adherence to modern standards also beats out companies that have been using the same methods for over forty years. Dura Trench technologies do not degrade when exposed to UV radiation. They will not warp in varying temperatures nor break like ordinary polymer concretes. They are as durable as we can possibly make them. These cost-effective advantages prove more useful to the buyer in the long-run.

Trench Drain Size is Important

Our concrete trenches are premade with no less than eight-foot sections. This is to eliminate potential drawbacks that come with having too many joints. The Dura Trench body also includes a two-inch overlap bell for an easily-obtainable water seal compared to other arrangements. Water damage won’t slip you up with these trenches.

The large size of the pieces helps to hasten the installation. This avoids any unnecessary costs that come with time spent. Thanks to their lightweight configuration a single person is able to position a Dura Trench in accordance with OSHA regulations. Again, this is unique to other appliances and provides time-saving ease of use you will not find anywhere else.

Dallas Area Dura Trench and Slot Drains

Dura Trench Drains come in every customary size. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-inch drains are all available, including larger 18, 24, 36, and 48-inch selections. If there is a specific slope required for an installation, no worries! The drain slopes can be modified for any angle. Dura Trench can work any type and size of outlet pipe into the project!

We also offer extremely malleable slotted pipes and drains in different sizes for any slope. We have smaller size options like 4, 5, 8, 10, and 12-inch drains. Larger ones include 15, 18, 21, 24, and 36-inch models. With so many choices accessible to you we guarantee your satisfaction!

Dallas Dura Trench Stainless Steel Drains

In addition to standard slot trenches or trench drains, Dura Trench provides stainless steel equivalents! Our models are constructed with 304 and 3216 stainless steel. Thanks to their groundbreaking formula they carry great resistance to chemicals. If you don’t want to worry about welding and joints, that’s not a problem either. Plus, Dura Trench can send these stainless steel products straight to you already prepared to be put together!

Dallas Area Dura Trench Radius Trench Drains

Any trench project with undefined edges will never be an obstacle with a Dura Trench radius trench. It can be engineered into any radius, width, depth, and slope you require! To better facilitate a consistent flow, it also comes built with a slope. And that’s not all! To top it all off, each radius trench drain is capped with a curved drain grate that is as functional as it is aesthetically attractive. Don’t limit your project to simple practicality. Show it off! Just speak with a Dura Trench representative and get started.

Dura Trench Utility Trenches

Convenient use of pipes or cables has never been easier with Dura Trench utility trenches. Equipped with an integrated channel strut molded into the trench itself, they boast a unique advantage over competing alternatives. These particular trenches have applications in almost any setting as well, be it electrical, chemical piping, hydraulic, sewer, and more! No matter how the job sizes up, you can always rely on a Dura Trench utility trench to be a perfect fit.

Dura Trench Always Finds a Better Solution

Where commercial trenches and industrial trenches go wrong is the subject of constant scrutiny. Dura Trench’s expertise is the product of years of in-field experience and hands-on experimentation.

Our company utilizes key data to continually modify our products into integral pieces of infrastructure. Dura Trench does not take the easy route; we necessitate the value of trial-and-error to obtain the best possible solutions for your construction projects.

Let Our Dallas Area Work Prove Itself

Our trenches can be found in commercial and industrial properties all over the United States. There is no dissonance between distances either. No matter where you are a Dura Trench representative will make their way out to your project site. Just give us a call!

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a considerable hot-spot for humid weather with varying temperature ranges between seasons. Almost as unpredictable is the annual level of precipitation, which can sometimes reach as much as 50 inches. With that in mind, you can be put at ease knowing any excessive water damage won’t be a problem with Dura Trench products keeping your properties safe.

A Dallas Dura Trench Rep Will Come to You!

No construction project is ever the same and without potential challenges. Contact your local Dura Trench rep to determine the best approach. The closest rep available to meet you directly can be found on the Dura Trench Find Sales rep page. Call us today and we will assist you.

Our proven line of products, in addition to its broad selection of modifiers and sizes, no drainage or trench project is above the ability of Dura Trench to see it through.

Enjoy the convenience of partnering with Dura Trench by letting us come to you. Our representatives are more than happy to assess the needs of your situation in order to maximize its potential. Don’t hesitate. Call us today!