Trench Drain Installation Cost – Complete Overview

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cost to install a trench drain

Trench drains are often the perfect solution to handle standing water on your property. You might use this kind of drain to keep your yard and driveway free of standing water, or they can be the perfect solution for a business parking lot or a walkway, or a sidewalk. Trench drains can also come in handy around fountains or swimming pools.

If you are considering installing a trench drain, you might be wondering about trench drain installation cost.  There are some considerations that can impact the total cost of your trench drain installation, and you will want to keep these things in mind when you are thinking about the budget for the job.

Always be sure that you work with a skilled installation team to ensure that your trench drain installation is done correctly.

Trench Drain Installation Cost for Different Trench Drains

There are various kinds of trench drains that you can choose from, and the materials that the drains are made of, along with the size of the drain needed, can impact the cost of your installation. Some locations will require heavy-duty drains, which will cost more than regular drains for home use might cost.

Radius Trench Drain

This is a complex drain design that allows the drain to follow a curve in a walkway or around something like a fountain. This kind of drain is usually about 2” to 24” in width and can be ornamental or plain. This drain type will typically cost anywhere from $30 to $150 per installed foot.

Chemical Trench Drain

This kind of drain can be the most expensive to install, and it is commonly used in breweries or factory locations. Drains of this type will hold up to chemical runoff and chemical exposure and can be anywhere from 2” to 24” wide. The seals of the segments are reinforced in this kind of drain to prevent leaks and failures. This drain style will cost about $40 to $150 per installed foot.

Prefabricated Drains

There are various kinds of premade drains, and they can come in sizes from 2” all the way up to 48”. This is the kind of drain that you might buy if you want to take care of the installation process yourself to save some money.

costs for trench drain installation

These drains can be made from plastic, fiberglass, steel, or brass, and they are 2” to 48” wide. The bigger the drain size of this style, the higher the cost. The average per-foot cost will be about $80 for this kind of drain.

Utility Trench Drains

This kind of drain is often installed at construction sites or large factory locations. This is a drain type that is made to protect sewer lines, chemical piping, and high-voltage lines. These are pre-sloped drains, and they can be made up to 48” wide.

This is a more expensive kind of drain due to the demands of the use of this, and you can expect anywhere from $180 to $500 per installed foot once you get this kind of drain in place. The cost of this trench drain installation process is related to the demands of the materials that must be used to maintain safety for these kinds of protective trench drains.

Slot Drains

Slot drains are really common in locations where a drain grate cannot be used to protect the top of the drain. These are drains shaped like tubes. Water flows into the small slot at the top and is taken away from an area with ease due to the larger tubing underneath the surface.

This drain style will not handle large amounts of runoff, but it can be perfect for some drainage needs. These drains come in sizes from 4” to 36” and can be made of various kinds of materials. They will cost about $129 an installed foot due to the demands of the preparation process before they can be installed.

Other Added Costs for Your Trench Drain Installation

trench drain installation costs

There are some other trench drain installation cost factors that you will need to consider adding to your overall installation budget. Not all of these needs will apply to your installation, but you should be prepared to pay for the necessary items to help ensure you get it done right. Some things that will influence trench drain installation cost include:

Excavation and Preparation of the Trench

If you are not going to be excavating and preparing the area where the trench drain will be installed yourself, then you need to plan to spend about $40 to $100 per cubic foot for this work to be done.

This is one of the most essential steps of the process, and you should not compromise on the work that is done to get the trenches made and sloped correctly for your drainage needs.

Pipe Connections

Your prefabricated trench drain will not often need any connections to make sure that the drain works as it should, but there are drain types that can need outlet and inlet pipes to be added to the system to make sure that the drains actually work properly. These can vary in cost and often you will need to work with the professionals to custom make them for your needs. .

End Plates

End plates are used to close off the ends of a trench so that it is watertight. Sealants and screws are needed to make these items work right, but they are not significantly expensive. Drain sealant will cost about $5 per 2 oz, and your end plates will vary in cost depending on the material that they are made from.

Trench Drain Frames

These items make installation easier and can help you to wind up with a good result if you are doing your drain install yourself. These are almost always premade and can be created out of various materials. The price of these items can vary depending on the needs of your unique installation.


Screens are made of plastic in most cases, and they might be 3” to 5” wide. They just drop into the drains that you have installed. These items will cost about $20-$30 each in most cases, but some kinds of drains need them to be installed in order to prevent problems with your drainage solution.

Metal screens will be about three times as expensive, so you will need to budget for this increase in price for a system that requires this kind of accessory.

Installing a Quality Trench Drain Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

how much to pay for a trench drain installation

If you have been worried about the cost of installing the right kind of drainage for your property or your business location, you can use these estimated costs to help you to budget for this kind of installation. Trench drains are highly effective, last for a very long time, and are very discrete.

This is one of the most effective and durable kinds of drains that you can choose to install for a wide array of needs, making it the ideal solution in most cases.

Make sure that you work with a skilled drainage installer if you have not installed this kind of drain yourself. This will ensure that your finished trench drain will work correctly and last for years of use. Take a look at some of the factors above to learn more about the trench drain installation cost for your property.

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