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12 inch wide stainless trench drain

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12 inch wide stainless trench drain

12″ wide interior trench drain can be sloped from 3″ to 12″ deep typical. Typically used for flows up to 11.8 cfs (5,275 gpm).  Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, end plates and outlets.  Accepts any of the 14″ wide trench drain grates. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Drains are a big part of the overall drainage system that you have in place at your business location. If you own a brewery or some other kind of food processing location, you need to have the right trench drains in place for your needs. These drains need to be tough enough to hold up to chemical wastes and to handle solids as well as high volumes of liquid wastes.

If you have been struggling with your drainage solutions, you know just how tough it can be to work with drainage that does not take care of your needs. This is why reinforced and quality drains are so worth your efforts and you will find that we offer the best stainless-steel trench drains for your needs. You will get all of the items that are required for outlets, reinforcement and bracketing, and more when you order from us and we can even put plywood covers into your order as well.

You will be able to connect these drains to any of your existing drainage with ease and you will find the drain grates are readily attached to this drain type as well. This can make it easy to keep solid and other unwanted debris out of your wastewater and you will get all of the right volume control for areas that have heavy runoff that must be dealt with on a daily basis.

Trench drains operate a lot like gutters in the ground and our stainless steel trenches are made to be solid enough to handle the weight of vehicles passing over them as well as foot traffic all day long. These drains are made to be tough and to hold up to lots of challenges which makes them a great feature to add to your industrial site or your food processing plant.

Our drains come in prefabricated lengths that can be slotted together readily and you will be able to add these trench drains to your existing drainage system with ease. This is the beauty of working with Dura Trench for your drainage needs and our pre-built and carefully shipped products are always easy to install and easy to add to any location.

If you need a custom drain size, we can take care of this need as well and you can get any drainage solution that is required, even for specialty drain sizes. This is the beauty of working with a company who cares about the fabrication and installation of its drains just as much as the design and the durability. You will get all of these features and functions with ease when you work with us for your drainage needs and you will be glad that you did not try to work with a company that is not experienced in this space.

Quality trench drains are a key part of any drainage system that experiences high volumes of water or liquid wastes and you should have the best quality drainage solution for your needs in place at your business location or your home.

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