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36 inch wide slotted drain

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36 inch wide slotted drain

36″ diameter slotted drain (slot drain) can be sloped from 40″ to 50″ deep typical (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths).  Typically used for flows up to 96 cfs (43,000 gpm).  Frame options are heavy duty and extreme duty in black powder painted steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.  Comes complete with installation brackets, end plates and outlets. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Slot drains are made to be used in locations that experience a lot of traffic from vehicles and walking traffic. These are discrete drains that are made to handle a large volume of water without requiring a grate to cover them.

Grated drains can cause problems like tripping hazards as well as being designed in such a way that debris can slip through them into the water run-off in your drainage system. Grated drains are not always the right solution for areas that experience a lot of traffic and you will find that a slot drain will be a much better solution for these needs.

Slot drains can be cleaned and swept over with ease and you can keep solids from getting into your drainage system with ease when you have slot drains installed in your home or business. These drains are perfect near pools and near garden fountains as they can keep debris out of your drains with ease. Chemical run-off can also damage other kinds of drains and you will find that slot drains can be made to stand up to this kind of liquid with ease.

Slot drains are common in industrial locations that experience heavy traffic from large vehicles as well as difficult run-off that would be hard to contend with if you have installed grated drains. Grated drains can be broken by this kind of traffic and this kind of grated drain can be hazardous for foot traffic as well.

Grated drains are the right solution for many other applications, but in places where vehicles and foot traffic are common, you will not want to install anything other than a slotted drain.

Slot drains are commonly used for pathways in places like airports and seaports because they can take care of drainage needs without causing trip hazards or catching the wheels of bags and carts.

These kinds of drains are perfect for preventing issues with heeled shoes or wheeled bags. Slot drains can be reinforced to hold up to all kinds of traffic and pressures and you can install them in prefabricated sizes as well as custom order the drains that you need.

These drains are commonly used in breweries and other industrial locations that experience chemical run-off as well as mixed run-off that includes solids. These solids must be prevented from becoming a part of the run-off that is flowing through the drainage system as a whole and slot drains make it easy to take care of this need.

Being able to sweep up the solids and prevent them from entering the drainage system that you have in place is a benefit of the slot drain design. This style of drain can save you lots of time each day cleaning up the solids that you need to dispose of and you will not have to struggle to keep your drains swept clean of debris and other detritus.

Installing slot drains can keep your home or business free of standing water as well as chemical run-off every day.

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