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18 inch wide slotted drain

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18 inch wide slotted drain

18″ diameter slotted drains (slot drain) can be sloped from 22″ to 32″ deep typical.  Typically used for flows up to 15 cfs (6750 gpm).  Frame options are heavy duty and extreme duty in black powder painted steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.  Comes complete with installation brackets, end plates and outlets. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Slot drains are one of the best drainage solutions for areas that have to handle high traffic all day and cannot be burdened by a drain with a grate that might cause impediments to that traffic. This kind of drain is used for walkways and for workspaces in breweries and other manufacturing locations because these drains can keep debris and detritus from getting into your drainage system and clogging it. You will not have to worry about tripping hazards when you have a slot drain installed in a space and you will get the same quality handling of water runoff that a grated drain could provide.

Slot drains can be made or ordered in many sizes and custom arrangements and the larger sizes are perfect for industrial sites as well as areas that have to hold up to the pressure of heavy vehicles passing over them or daily traffic from forklifts and other vehicles. Carts and heeled shoes or even bags with wheels will also not get caught in these drains, which can make these a good safety option for some walking spaces.

Slot drains are ideal for locations where there is debris or contaminants in the run-off that are solid in nature. You will often want to be sure not to let these items get through the drainage system that you have in place and slot drains can take care of this need with ease. You can sweep or wash off the surfaces around the slot drain and you will be able to remove the solids readily from the wastewater. This can save you a lot of time cleaning up in your business or even cleaning up the area near your pool or garden fountain.

These drains can also be made in various materials if you have tough chemical runoff that needs to be attended to as well. If you are worried about the chemical content of your wastewater in a brewery or other manufacturing location, you will be able to choose from various materials that will make sure that the water runoff that you are producing does not corrode or damage your drainage system. These slot drains are made to hold up to even the toughest chemical runoff and they make it easy for you to funnel these liquids toward catch basins and other locations where they can be diluted.

Slot drains are common at airports, seaports, and along walkways. They are also used near swimming pools and outdoor fountains to help collect run-off. These drains are perfect for any location that you want to be secured for safe walking and for the passage of cars and other vehicles in safety. You might not be aware of how often you have walked over or around these drains because they are so discrete. This is a great drainage solution for any high traffic area that needs to deal with a lot of water or liquid run-off to prevent ponding and slip hazards.

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