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3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Stainless Steel Trench Grate | Medium Duty

3-inch wide trench drain grate – ADA Heel Proof Stainless Steel T304 grate – 3″ wide x 24″ long x 0.5″ thick  – longitudinally slotted, rated for DIN load class B.

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Category: 3" wide trench drain grates, Drainage Grates
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3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Stainless Steel Trench Grate | Medium Duty- 3″ wide x 24″ long x 0.5″ thick  – rated for DIN load class B.

  • Most commonly used with Dura Trench 2″ wide stainless steel trench drain or 2″ wide prefabricated trench drain, but may have other applications as intended by the user
  • ADA compliant and “heel proof”
  • Superior corrosion resistance, making this grate ideal for hospitals and the food and beverage industries
  • Typically used in public areas where a lot of abuse is expected, such as shopping malls, airport terminals, parks, or other common areas where a small trench drain is required and will see frequent foot and cart traffic.
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If you have an industrial location or a brewery that needs drainage solutions, you need to consider stainless steel ADA heel-proof grates for your drains. These drain covers are made of the right materials to withstand tough runoff and tough chemical exposure and they can be trusted to stay in place easily even when lots of feet or wheeled traffic passes over them all day.

These drain covers are made to be ADA compliant and to be safe for heeled shoes and other items like walkers or wheelchairs to pass over them with ease. No more risk of slips and trips and falls in your business or along walkways and in other areas that experience lots of rainwater each year.

You can place these grates in work spaces or along walkways that are high traffic and they can even tolerate forklift and vehicle weight passing over them. These covers will pop right off your trench drain solutions for easy cleaning and then drop back into place with ease. There is nothing like being sure that your drainage solution will stand up to the tests of daily use and you can trust our drain covers to perform perfectly and safely all day long.

These drain grates are used most commonly with our 2” wide stainless steel trench drains or our 2” wide prefabricated trench drains. This is a drain grate that is typically made for use in industrial locations but you can enjoy the use of these grates in many other applications as well like near fountains or outdoor spaces that experience a lot of water runoff like rooftop parking lots.

These grates are made specifically to prevent slips and falls and tripping hazards and they are commonly seen in airports, bus stations, near swimming pools and along sidewalks that experience a lot of foot traffic along with a lot of tough weather. The grates are sleek and smooth when they are installed and you will love how seamless they look. There is nothing sloppy or accidental about a quality steel trench grate and you will be glad that you picked this solution for your drainage system as soon as you see how nice they look when they are placed.

This is the right choice if you are concerned about the durability of your drainage cover but you might want plastic grate covers for areas that will be walked on with bare feet. Public fountains or areas near bodies of water that are outdoors will probably require these grates instead, but public or private pools are better served by plastic grate covers.

If you are ready for a new drainage solution that will look great and perform perfectly, heel proof ADA covers are a great choice to make for this need. Being safe and offering study and reliable coverage for your trench drains are two key benefits of this kind of drain cover. You will not be able to trust other materials to hold up to this kind of use the way that stainless steel can and the safety design of this product is perfect for many different needs.

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