12 inch Industrial Floor Drain



12 inch Industrial Floor Drain

12″ x 12″ Industrial & Food grade floor drain.  Drain top is 1/2″ thick rated for forklift traffic.  Interior drain body has smooth large radii corners for easy sanitation and is 9″ deep.  Drain comes with large internal debris basket  (specialty strainer baskets are offered so please contact us if you have a request).  Floor drain has cement anchor flange standard with opitonal membrane clamping collar.  Outlet pipe can be specified with 3″, 4″, or 6″ outlet pipe.  We can also fabricate the outlet pipes to go out the side of the floor drain for shallow pipe applications.

If you have a food processing plant or an industrial property that deals with large amounts of debris that is mixed with wastewater, you might need durable floor drains. Industrial floor drains are made to prevent wastes from being mixed with water runoff produced by your business and you will find that these kinds of drains are also sturdy enough to hold up to heavy vehicle traffic and lots of foot traffic every day.

Being sure that you have the right sturdy and stable drain can make all the difference when you are trying to make sure that your business is able to handle large volumes of waste and wastewater each day. This is a common need in breweries where large volumes of water and solids are mixed together during processing of products. You might also need this kind of drain in areas where forklifts and other vehicles must pass over your drainage solutions throughout the day.

Each industrial drain comes with a debris basket that captures sludge and solids of all kinds for easy cleaning. You can readily clean and sanitize your work location with the help of this handy feature and you will find that the interior shape of the drain is made for easy sanitation as well. You can also add specialty strainer baskets that will improve your ability to capture even more solids. This can be helpful if the processing that you are doing must be carefully controlled to prevent contamination of groundwater and sewer systems.

These drains are made to hold up to tough chemical runoff as well as heavy traffic of all kinds and you can get custom sizes of these drains as needed. You will also be able to get custom fittings for the pipe outlets that need to attach to the side of the floor drain for unique drainage requirements. Not every drainage system is created the same way and we can make sure that you can upgrade your floor drains to meet the needs of your existing system.

These are the right drains to choose for all industrial and food processing locations that need to be able to manage solids and prevent clogs in their overall drainage system. You will get improved drainage throughout your entire drainage system just by adding these quality floor drains for your drainage solutions. These drains can make sure that your slot drains and trench drains on the rest of your property are not burdened by wastes that should have been captured in the room or place where they were initiated.

Having the ability to clean and sanitize the baskets and interior housings of the drains can also make a big difference in the overall cleanliness and smell of your workspaces. Being able to ensure a safe and productive work environment that also is easy to clean and care for can make a big difference in the overall daily work conditions of your business. These are the perfect floor drains for tough work and for tough jobs and you will be glad that you upgraded to these quality drains for your business location.

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Outlet size

3" pipe, 4" pipe


Cement ring, Membrane clamping collar