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10 inch wide stainless trench drain

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10 inch wide stainless trench drain

10″ wide interior trench drain.  Can be sloped from 3″ to 12″ deep typical (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths). Typically used for flows up to 8.8 cfs (3,900 gpm).  Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, end plates and outlets.  Accepts any of the 12″ wide trench drain grates.

Trench drains are high-quality solutions for your drainage needs. You will find that these kinds of drains are the most effective for dealing with high volumes of water and you will want to use the stainless steel version of these drains for tough runoff that includes chemicals. You will also find that stainless steel drains are the sturdiest if you are installing drainage solutions in high-traffic areas.

Stainless steel drains can hold up to construction equipment, high volumes of traffic, forklifts, and more. These drains can be made to fit any slope requirement that you need and they are sold in prefabricated lengths that are easy to pair up and install. You will get all of the right drainage support and functionality that is required from these drains and they will hold up to years of use when installed correctly.

Pick from various drain widths to handle volumes of water that could not be disposed of with other drainage solutions and you will be able to establish sturdy connections to catch basins, storm drains and the rest of the drainage system you have in place when you use our products.

Creating a cohesive drainage system is essential to manage wastewater and runoff and your trench drains are the perfect foundation for this need. You can also get custom drain sizes as needed for unique locations that might need a size drain that is not prefabricated for purchase.
Trench drains operate like gutters in the ground and they are open at the top, for the most part, to allow for the collection of water without concerns about debris clogging or closing off the drains.

You will need to use slot drains in other parts of your drainage system where debris might impact your drainage system in a negative way, but trench drains are easy to keep clean in most cases due to the volume of water that is flowing through them.

Trench drains are made to be kept clear by the volume of water that is passing through them but they are also easy to clean out if debris does fall into the drain. This is one of the most practical drainage solutions for industrial and construction site needs for good reason.

You will be investing in a great solution that is durable and sturdy enough to handle your needs for years to come. Forget about making do with other drainage solutions when a quality trench drain is the solution that is really needed for your home or business.

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