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4 inch wide stainless slotted drain

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4 inch wide stainless slotted drain

4″ wide interior slotted drain.  Can be sloped from 4″ to 12″ deep typical. Typically used for flows up to 0.3 cfs (125 gpm).  Comes complete with installation brackets, end plates and outlets. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Slot drains can be a really good solution for drainage that might have solids mixed into it. When you are trying to prevent the inclusion of solids in your runoff from food production or from manufacturing, you will want slot drains in your work areas. These drains keep there from being debris in your wastewater and they are easy to clean with simple tools.

Being able to keep work areas and walkways clear of standing water while also managing the inclusion of solids in your runoff can be critical in places like breweries where there is a lot of liquid waste each day. Imagine being able to simply sweep up or rinse off your floors without worries about there being chemicals and other inclusions in your wastewater that might cause problems for the rest of your drainage system.

You will find that stainless slotted drains hold up best to heavy foot traffic and can even tolerate heavy trucks and forklifts passing over them all day. This is the strength of the slot drain and it is why they are so common in work locations and industrial locations. You will not have to worry about the condition of the water that is being flushed into the rest of your drainage system when you have slot drains for this need.

If you have to protect a walkway from runoff and do not want to risk that wheeled items or shoes might catch in the drains that you have installed, a slot drain can take care of this need as well. There is nothing like knowing that there will be less risk of slips and falls on your property and slot drains can handle this need with ease.

This is a drain that is just as common to see in airports and other places where there is a lot of foot traffic through areas that might get wet due to precipitation. You will find that slot drains can handle a lot of runoff without causing a trip hazard and they are very affordable to install in most locations. This is one of the best drainage solutions on the market and stainless steel slot drains are more durable than most of the other drain styles that you can choose from.

There are many sizes of slot drain that you can invest in and the amount of liquid waste or water runoff that an area experiences can dictate the size of the drain that is needed. If you are worried about runoff and handling it without having large drains on hand, picking the right slot drain will take care of this need. You can trust these drains to handle a large amount of water or liquid waste each day and yet not be open enough that people will notice that they are present.

These drains are also used near swimming pools and fountains because they are discreet and can be counted on to keep standing water at bay. This is a great drainage solution for many kinds of needs and you will be so glad that you invested in slot drains for your home or business.

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