Why Would a Road Need a Trench Drain System?

Trench Drain Knowledge

Trench drain system

Trench drains are one of the most affordable and effective drainage systems that you can install for any kind of need. Trench drains are particularly effective in roadways for a whole host of reasons. Safety is critical on roads, and standing water or debris that is captured by clogged drains and floating in the standing water can be a major safety risk.

Roads need quality drainage to be operational in all kinds of weather. Trench drains offer you access to a drainage solution that will not hinder traffic, that is easy to maintain, and that handles water runoff with ease. This is one of the most affordable and effective drainage types, and it is perfect for use in roadways of all kinds.

How Do You Drain Water Off a Roadway?

There are two parts to the process of removing water from a roadway. The first component of correct roadway drainage is “dewatering”. This means that the water that might otherwise be standing on the road is allowed to drain off so that the roadway is not hazardous for use.

The second part of the roadway drainage system is the actual drainage component of the process. Just allowing the water to run off the road is not enough to maintain safe roadways. The water that has been drained off the road needs to be captured and funneled to other locations for true drainage to be accomplished. This second step in the road drainage process has to be undertaken by drainage solutions that catch roadway runoff and take it to catch basins, storm sewers, and other drainage locations away from the roadway.

Without both of these factors in place, a road will not drain water properly and will have issues with standing water, pooling water along the sides of the road, and even issues with standing water undermining the stability of the road’s base. The longevity and usability of the road, as well as its safety, depends upon the quality of the drainage solutions that are put in place to care for it and keep it usable all year round.

Why Trench Drains Are so Effective For Roadways

Why does a road require a trench drain system?

Trench drains offer a variety of benefits that are ideal for use in roadways. No matter if the road in question is a small lane or driveway, or a large highway, trench drains can be used to keep the surface clear of water and refuse that might wash across the road during a storm.

Consistent Slope

Pre-made trench drains offer lots of benefits that allow them to work quite well alongside roads. They are easy to install since they are consistently sloped and slotted together for seamless drainage. They are also reliable because of their ideal slope angle that can take water runoff away from the road surface and funnel it to catch basins and storm drains or sewers.

Even when building custom trench drains, they are easy to excavate for and place. There are many kinds of drainage solutions that you can select to handle high volumes of water, but trench drains are by far the most effective and are the easiest to place.

Trench Drains on Roads Can Handle Large Volumes of Water

Trench drains can handle very large volumes of water if necessary. You can customize the way that water is managed in your trench drain system by selecting larger trench drains and through the use of different grate covers as well. The trench drain that you need to install needs to match the maximum volume of water that you need to remove from the road surface during storms.

The type of covers that are selected for roadway trench drains can be made in many styles, some of which will allow maximum water flow to the trench drain. Other styles of drain covers are made with smaller slots to prevent debris and other items from getting into the trench itself. There are many ways to make sure that your trench drain will handle the demand necessary to keep your roadway clear of the water.

Trench Drains Can Be Made To Withstand Heavy Loads

One of the most beneficial aspects of selecting trench drains to make sure that your road is draining properly is that they can be made to handle heavy loads. When truck traffic or vehicular traffic has to pass over a roadway, the drainage solution that is put in place needs to be able to tolerate this kind of task. This is one of the things that trench drains do best due to their shape and the materials that they can be made of.

Worrying about your drainage being broken or crushed by heavy vehicles is not comforting. Having a trench drain system installed that can handle this kind of daily task can offer peace of mind as well as really ideal road conditions in nearly any kind of weather. One of the most common reasons for drainage solutions to fail in roadways is pressure from vehicular traffic that undermines and breaks down the drains in question. Trench drains that are made of the right materials will not succumb to this fate.

Trench Drains Are Ideal For Roadway Use

Why would a trench drain system be needed on a road?

There are so many really positive things that you can say about trench drains, from the ease with which they facilitate installation and the custom nature of their build and design. They can handle high volumes of water, and the grating can be modified or selected for all kinds of different functionality and usage. This is one of the most ideal drainage solutions for roadways with regard to upkeep and care as well, which makes trench drains the most commonly used drainage solution for roadways of all kinds.

For roadway drainage upgrades or installations for new roads, there really is no better choice to make than a trench drain system. Being able to access such effective drainage that is so durable and so affordable is often a requirement for road building projects and road maintenance. Trench drains can be made to suit the needs of any roadway or pathway for both vehicle and foot traffic in nearly any location.

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