Eric’sons, Inc. Employee Spotlight, DJ Parker

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DJ Spotlight

Meet DJ Parker, the Quality Assurance Manager for our manufacturing facility in Dallas, Georgia. We couldn’t wait to feature him in our employee spotlight as he’s not only a great worker and invaluable asset, he is truly liked by everyone he works with. DJ began his career with us a couple of years ago, learning the ropes of QA. He quickly rose through the ranks because of his diligence, attention to detail and can-do attitude! DJ’s role is vital, ensuring that every product and custom-fabricated grate, trench drain, and slot drain has been manufactured in the customer’s exact specifications.

At Eric’sons Manufacturing, we value our employees and firmly believe that we’re only as good as the people that we surround ourselves with. If you are interested in a career in manufacturing, we would love to hear from you. We have openings at each of our 3 plant locations: Ogden, Utah, Chester, Virginia, and Dallas, Georgia.   Click HERE to apply today!

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