Introducing Dura Trench Project Resumes


When we introduce our drainage systems to industry professionals, an overwhelming majority of them are very impressed.  Why?  After installing or designing projects with inferior trench and slot drain systems their entire careers, they’re immediately able to recognize the quality and benefits of our completely customizable systems! But despite their excitement, some will still hesitate before asking questions like, “who else has used Dura Trench?” and “where can I see finished projects?”  We get it! Dura Trench is exploding in popularity but is still unknown to many people in the industry. To help you understand just popular our systems have become, we’re introducing a new page on our website called Project Resumes.

These resumes shine a light on our success over the last couple of years. As we continue to grow and expand our presence, so will these resumes. They include:

  • Dura Trench & National Names
  • Dura Trench in Local, State, & Federal Governments
  • Dura Trench in the Food & Beverage Industries
  • Dura Trench in Industrial & Manufacturing Applications
  • Dura Trench in the Military & in Transportation
  • Dura Trench in Parks, Pools, & Splash Pads

Hop on over and check them out today!

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