Residential Driveway Channel Drain

We simplify our driveway trench drains for residential home owners by making a simple kit.  We offer three driveway drainage kits; 16' wide kit, 24' wide kit, and a 32' wide kit.  The driveway drain kit comes with everything you need for a heavy duty residential driveway drain.  This is not a plastic drain like you find in the box stores or other online sites.  You can buy our heavy duty, presloped channel drain right here online.  We are so confident in our premium quality residential driveway drain that we offer a 10 year warranty against product failures.  This driveway drain will last the life of your home!

10 year driveway dran warranty

The Dura Trench premium residential driveway channel drain kit comes with 8' long sections of trench drain.  The long sections make DIY driveway drainage easy for any skill level of installer.  Our driveway drainage kit comes with detailed installation instructions explaining how to achieve a professional result while saving money doing it yourself.  The driveway drain kit comes with built in metal installation clips.  Our driveway drain has a heavy duty metal frame to ensure long life.  This metal frame is one of the reasons we can offer the 10 year warranty on our driveway trench drain.  The frame includes welded concrete anchors and a quality powder coated finish.

Residential driveway drain kit

The channel drain body is not plastic like almost every other residential driveway drain.  Our driveway drain is made from GFRPC (Glass fiber reinforced polymer concrete).  This is an advanced polymer that does not grow, shrink, or degrade with UV light like other plastic driveway drains.  This is a premium driveway channel drain in all respects.  The channel drain has a built in slope meaning you will be able to flow more water and the drain will need less cleaning.  Traditional residential channel drains do not have slope and this causes debris to settle in the bottom of the channel drain.  Do you really want to spend your weekends cleaning a drain?  By spending just a little more up front you can save yourself years of headaches.


We top our high quality channel drain with a commercial duty ductile iron trench grate.  These are the same metal trench grates that are used in the highway.  Our driveway drain grates are tested and able to hold over 50,000 lbs without failure (most vehicles are 5,000 to 10,000 lbs spread on 4 wheels).  These channel drain grates are designed to outlive each of us.

The grates do not need to be in the channel drain during the concrete pour.  Your kit will be shipped with plywood in the top of the trench.  This will give the driveway drain installer a place to brace the channel drain.  It will also keep the concrete out of the driveway drain during the concrete placement.  The channel drain grates will remain clean and presentable.


Let me ask you this...Would you drive across a plastic bridge?  Of course not!  So why would anyone buy a plastic driveway drain and drive across it every day?  It will not last and pretty soon you will have to replace it meaning more concrete cutting, jack hammering, buying another driveway drain, pouring concrete, etc.  Sure you can do it but wouldn't you rather just do it right the first time?

Plastic trench drain is like a bridge failure

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Note:  We only offer our 10 year warranty for driveway drain purchased online!