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8 inch wide slotted drain

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8 inch wide slotted drain

8″ diameter slotted drain (slot drain) can be sloped from 12″ to 22″ deep typical.  Typically used for flows up to 1.75 cfs (775 gpm).  Frame options are heavy duty and extreme duty in black powder painted steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.  Comes complete with installation brackets, end plates and outlets. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

There are many applications for slotted drains in smaller sizes and these drains are quite commonly used for walkways and around swimming pools to help drain off excess water without causing a slip or trip hazard.

You will find that there are a variety of benefits to using a slot drain when compared to other kinds of drains and the discrete nature of the design, combined with the way in which these drains keep debris and other refuse out of the drainage system you have in place are just some of the plusses.

This drain design is perfect for high-traffic areas that might have to withstand lots of foot traffic or even lots of machine traffic. In industrial settings, these drains are often used along walkways where there might be a need to remove excess water runoff or chemical runoff without causing a risk that someone would catch a toe and fall. These drains can also be really helpful if you need to drive over the location that has the drain without issue.

For areas that are not exposed to a large amount of loose debris, but are high traffic, a slot drain can make it easy to use a floor sweeper or other floor cleaning methods without issues. You will also find that pathways and other locations that will require that people pull carts or bags over them benefit from this kind of drain when compared to larger slotted drains with covers.

In industrial settings, this style of drain makes it easy for you to prevent refuse and debris from clogging up your drainage system. You can easily clean or sweep around the drains without items falling into the bottom of the drain and causing a clog further down the line that must be cleaned out.

This can also be very helpful in settings where chemical runoff is a daily factor since the chemical runoff can be siphoned away from the workspace with ease without needing to uncover and unclog the drainage system periodically.

Breweries and other industrial sites often employ this drainage solution in many areas of their workspaces to make sure that forklifts and other machines and carts can be passed over the drain with ease while also eliminating water run-off. Most slot drains are made with the option to reinforce them with various supportive surround structures that can make them able to withstand heavy items crossing over them or large vehicles like trucks being driven over them.

These drains are common along sidewalks and pathways in places like airports, seaports, and even public swimming pools and parks. Anywhere that there is a volume of liquid drainage that needs to be removed and sent to the rest of the drainage system can benefit from a discreet and easy to maintain drain solution like a slot drain. The fact that slot drains can be made from any material and in practically any size makes them a very valuable drainage solution for use in all kinds of settings.

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