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3″ wide perforated stainless trench drain grate

Category: 3" wide trench drain grates, Drainage Grates
SKU: 03E24SS

ADA compliant and heel proof perforated stainless steel grate – 3″ wide x 24″ long x 0.5″ thick  – rated for DIN load class B.


This 3″ wide trench drain grate is used where corrosion resistance, ADA compliance and heel compliance are a priority.  It is typically used on a 2” wide prefabricated trench drain or 2” wide stainless steel trench drain.  The small openings are more prone to clogging, but will provide adequate inflow when properly maintained.  This trench drain grate is made of a heavier gauge stainless steel than most competetors to provide a long service life.  Typical uses are trench drains in pedestrian walkways, patios, plazas, parks, commercial buildings, fountains, pools, and balconies.

Creating the right drainage solutions for industrial and food processing settings can be hard. You need to have access to drain covers that are durable and that will hold up to tough daily pressures and tasks. You also need these drain covers to allow large volumes of water to flow through them without leading to slipping or tripping hazards. Many of these drain grates need to be able to withstand the pressure of large vehicles and forklifts passing over them as well as lots of foot traffic all day long.

Our perforated stainless trench drain grates are made to take care of these needs and more. The unique design of these grate covers will allow large volumes of liquid wastes to pass through them without allowing sediment and debris to fall down into the drain and clog it. These covers also remove readily for cleaning and they will provide a seamless connection with 2” wide prefabricated or 2” wide stainless steel trench drains. These are quality drain covers that will perform perfectly every day despite being exposed to tough chemical wastes and large amounts of wastes that need to be swept up and removed each day.

This kind of drain grate is the perfect choice for breweries and other locations that deal with high volumes of water runoff every day but need most of the solids in this liquid waste to be separated out of the runoff that is going into the drain. These kinds of businesses also need to be able to clean out their trench drains on a regular basis and this kind of grate is easy to remove so that you can clean the drain beneath it and sanitize the surfaces of the grate.

If you are worried about slipping or tripping hazards, these grates will fit perfectly flush with the floor and they will not catch heeled shoes or provide resistance to wheeled carts and other items that need to be passed over them. This means that you can use this drain grate anywhere in your business and you will not have to worry about impediments to safety or daily food processing operations.

These are also really good drain solutions for walkways where tree debris or other runoff might cause clogged drains. You will be able to trust the safety and security of this kind of drain grate even in high traffic areas like parking lots and paths that might be exposed to a lot of water due to rain or drainage from surrounding landscaping. This is also a suitable drain grate for use near pools and fountains since there is no risk of slipping or tripping with this grate covering your drains.

Getting the right drain grates doesn’t have to be a struggle. This is one of the most overlooked features of a well-crafted drainage system and you will be glad that you took the time to make sure that you have the right drain grates for your business or outdoor space needs every day!

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