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2 inch wide stainless trench drain

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2 inch wide stainless trench drain

2″ wide interior trench drain.  Can be sloped from 2″ to 8″ deep typical. Typically used for flows up to 0.3 cfs (150 gpm).  Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, end plates and outlets.  Accepts any of the 3″ wide trench drain grates. (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Stainless steel trench drains are the perfect solution for many drainage needs. You will find that you can handle many drainage needs with ease with this kind of drainage solution and you can slope your trench drains from 2” to 8”. This can help with runoff and you will find that despite the narrowness of the drain, you will get great results from these trench drains.

There are many gratings that will fit this size of drain and you will love that this drainage solution can be made to fit any kind of need. You can use this kind of drain near a pool or a fountain or in an industrial location or a food preparation business. This is one of the most versatile drainage solutions that you can invest in and you will be glad that you picked such a practical drain solution for your needs when you see how well they perform.

All of our trench drains are made to insert readily into one another and are shipped in easy to install segments. This is one of the best drainage styles that you can buy due to the easy way that the system comes together and you will get a seamless and perfect fit for your drain components when you use our system. This is one of the benefits of our design that cannot be duplicated when you work with other kinds of drainage systems.

These drains are tough enough to handle the kind of chemical waste that can be generated by breweries and food preparation locations and you will find that they are sturdy enough to handle foot traffic and even vehicle traffic. You will get a resilient drainage solution with this kind of trench drain and you will be able to count on them to take care of your water runoff with ease.

Fitting these kinds of drains with the right covers can make sure that you can use them in many different locations. You can be sure that you will keep solids out of your wastewater when you use this kind of drain cover for your needs. You will be able to make sure that you can sweep solid matter off of the drains and pick it up and then you can rinse chemical and water runoff down the drain.

These kinds of drains are made as utility trenches and they can also be designed as slot drains. You can vary the arrangement of the drain for the needs of the location. No matter what size stainless steel drain you pick for your location, it will hold up to the challenges of many different kinds of challenges.

You can count on this kind of drain to hold up to foot traffic, vehicle traffic and tough run off. This kind of drain is highly versatile and it can be the right solution for any kind of drainage need when set up correctly. There are few locations that would not benefit from a system of trench drains.

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