3" wide longitudinally slotted stainless steel trench drain grate


ADA compliant and heel proof T304 stainless steel grate - 3" wide x 24" long x 0.5" thick  - rated for DIN load class B.


This 3" wide trench drain grate is used where traffic, corrosion resistance, ADA compliance and heel compliance are priorities.  It is typically used on an 2" wide stainless steel trench drain or 2" wide prefabricated trench drain.  The small openings are more prone to clogging, but will provide adequate inflow when properly maintained.  Typical uses are trench drains in production areas where the user is trying to keep small objects out of the drain.  This grate is also used in combined pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas where a corrosion resistant grate option is desired.  This grate is also specifed with public areas where a lot of abuse may be expected such as shopping malls, airport terminals, parks, or other common areas where a small trench drain is required but will see frequent traffic.