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3-inch Wide ADA Compliant and Heel-Proof Plastic Grate | Light Duty

3-inch Wide ADA Compliant and Heel-Proof Plastic Grate – 3″ wide x 24″ long x 0.5″ thick  – rated for DIN load class B.

Category: 3" wide trench drain grates, Drainage Grates
SKU: 03C24TG
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3-inch Wide ADA Compliant and Heel-Proof Plastic Grate | Light Duty – 3″ wide x 24″ long x 0.5″ thick  – rated for DIN load class B.

  • Available in gray and tan, please specify your choice of color in the notes at checkout
  • Custom colors also available- find a sales representative to learn more
  • Typically used with Dura Trench 2″ wide precast trench drain and 2″ wide stainless steel trench drain
  • Longitudinally slotted for ADA compliance. “Heel-proof”
  • Traction nubs and rounded surfaces make this grate ideal for areas of foot traffic, even with bare feet.
  • Typical uses are trench drains around pools, pedestrian walkways, patios, landscape drainage, animal enclosures, and solving drainage problems in light-duty applications.
  • Click here to learn everything about trench drain grates

Having the right slot drain grates in place for locations that get a lot of foot traffic is important. You need to be sure that your drainage solutions that are placed in walkways or around fountains and pools will not trip anyone or cause someone to catch their heel. These grates are made of durable plastic that is light and easy to lift and remove for access to the drain below. Despite being made of plastic, they are tough and durable and can handle daily traffic from feet.

This is a great choice for a pool area since these plastic grates will not harm bare feet and will not be as slippery as some other materials would be in this environment. You will also be able to trust them to hold up to wheeled items being passed over them like suitcases and they will not cause issues for walkers or wheelchair tires.

This cover style has been ADA approved and is compliant with this need. Public locations that have to meet ADA standards will be able to use these plastic grate covers with ease to keep walkways and other spaces from having standing water. You will love that these covers can be so easily removed and then replaced as needed and the durable and well-crafted performance of these covers is second-to-none.

While there are many slot drains on the market that are made to handle tough chemical runoff or vehicles passing over them, these are the right choice for high levels of foot traffic and for places like walkways that are near pools and fountains. You can also use these slot drain grates in places that are exposed to the weather and need a safe way to allow water to run smoothly down into the trench drains below.

Just because these grates are plastic does not mean that you will have issues with their durability or performance. Chemical runoff can be hard on plastics, but foot traffic or light wheeled traffic is no trouble to these drain covers at all. Plastics are very durable and can handle exposure to lots of pressures without batting an eye. Having drain covers that are so light and easy to remove and replace is just another added benefit of choosing plastic for your drain grate needs.

These grates can be made in custom colors to match existing grates or to cover an area that already has a paint scheme in place. This can be really nice for pool areas to add a sense of style while also making the grates blend into the area more readily. They are usually sold in gray or tan but you can have custom colors made up for you with ease.

These grates are usually used with the 2” wide precast trench drain or the 2” wide stainless steel trench drain. Either of these drains will fit with this grate perfectly and you will be thrilled with the way that your grates perform and the way that they look.

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