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  5. 3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Galvanized Steel Trench Grate | Medium Duty

3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Galvanized Steel Trench Grate | Medium Duty

3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Galvanized Steel Trench Grate DIN B – 3″ wide x 24″ long x 0.5″ thick  – rated for DIN load class B – longitudinally slotted

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Category: 3" wide trench drain grates, Drainage Grates
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3-inch Wide ADA Heel-Proof Galvanized Steel Trench Grate | Medium Duty – longitudinally slotted 3″ wide x 24″ long x 0.5″ thick  – rated for DIN load class B.

  • Most commonly used with Dura Trench 2″ wide prefabricated trench drain
  • ADA compliant and “heel proof”
  • Hot-dipped galvanized for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Typical uses are trench drains in combined traffic and pedestrian areas, such as at shopping centers, churches, gas stations, and any other area where trench drains are required, but pedestrians and traffic may be present.
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If you have a 2” wide prefabricated drain that you need a quality drain grate for, galvanized steel is a great choice. Steel covers will hold up to the toughest of challenges without being too heavy to lift and remove to access the drain below. Heel-proof grates are made to be ADA compliant. They will not catch heeled shoes and they will be safe for wheeled traffic as well as wheelchairs. This is a big benefit for the working spaces in your business that experience a lot of foot traffic all day long.

You can also use these drain grates in parking lots or on walkways or roadways that experience vehicle traffic. Forklifts and trucks can pass over these covers without damaging them which makes them a great solution for industrial settings and food processing plants. This is also a common grate style for use in breweries where caustic liquids might be spilled on the floors and have to pass through the grates each day into the drainage system.

Having drain grates that will be safe and will not cause tripping or slipping and falling hazards is critical for your business needs but you might also want to have this kind of drainage grate installed near your pool or a fountain on your property. There is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing that you can trust your drainage solution to work just like it should and our drain grates can offer you additional benefits that you will not get from other drain covers.

All of our drain grates can be readily removed to access the drain below and they are easy to clean and sanitize. They will also fit seamlessly into place and they provide a finished and professional look. These drain grates will also resist corrosion and they will look new throughout the years that they are in use on your property. This can be a really big benefit for locations like breweries and factories where conditions can and products that are used all day long can break down materials that are not hardy like steel.

These grate covers are hot-dipped to increase their corrosion resistance and they are made of quality steel that will not break down over time. These trench grates can handle forklift traffic, wheeled cart traffic, and foot traffic. These grates can handle the demands of your daily work processes with ease. The unique design of this grate will allow water or liquid waste to flow into the drain below without issue but they will prevent lots of solids from falling through and they will not catch at feet and other items that need to pass over the drain all day long.

Trench drain grates that are made to last can be hard to find when you don’t work with the right company. We make sure that every product that we craft will hold up to tough daily use for years. Investing in the right drain grates can also add years of life to your drainage system since these handy solutions provide the first defense against material that might clog your drains.

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