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24 inch wide utility trench

Category: Utility Trenches

Dura Trench DTUT – 24 inch wide utility trench.  This utility trench has an interior width of 24″ wide.  The depth can be neutral or sloped from 12″ to 24″ deep typical.  1 5/8″ channel strut cast into walls at 48″ o.c.  Frame options are heavy duty black powder painted steel, heavy duty galvanized steel, heavy duty stainless steel, and extreme duty galvanized steel.  These 24″ wide utility trenches come in modular sections that are typically 8′ long.  Each section comes pre-sloped and indexes with the next section.  All sections are numbered for easy installation.Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, end plates and outlets.  Accepts any of the 26″ wide trench drain covers or grates (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths, turns, and custom features).

Utility trenches are made to handle the toughest jobs at your job site or business and you need to be able to count on these tough trenches to handle tough water runoff and to take care of securing things like high voltage power lines, compressed airlines, and oil and gas lines. All of our trenches are made with strong and sturdy products to make sure that they will not break down with heavy use. Our drains can hold up to heavy traffic as well as tough challenges of intense liquid runoffs.

We make sure that each section comes pre-sloped and that it fits perfectly with the next segment for superior protection against structural issues and leaks. You will be able to count on all of our products to hold up to the toughest challenges that your daily tasks can throw at them.

You will be able to add 26” wide trench drain covers to this side drain and all of the sections of the trench will fit with your existing drainage with ease. You also get plywood covers, end plates and outlets with your order. You will have all the items that you need for an easy installation process.

You can get your frames made with powder-painted steel, heavy-duty galvanized steel or heavy-duty stainless steel. We also make our trenches in extreme duty galvanized steel for those really tough jobs or areas that experience lots of heavy vehicle traffic each day. You can count on these trenches to hold up to tough chemical runoff as well so if you are looking for a brewery or food production drainage option as well, this is the right choice to make.

Utility trenches that are made by our company are easy to install and you will not need a huge team to get your trenches placed and ready to work hard for you. Each segment connects seamlessly with the next one and you will get all of the products that you need to reinforce the sides of the trench as well. This makes for a really nice user experience as well as a trench that will last for years without needing any intervention to keep it working perfectly.

These trenches will not clog up when used in a food processing setting and you will be able to count on them to handle tough volumes of runoff with ease as well. We make sure that all of your custom needs are met as well and we can make custom segments or accessories for any drainage installation that we place for you.

This is one of the best parts of working with Dura Trench for your drainage needs and we make sure that you can talk to us at every step of the ordering process to be sure that you are getting exactly what you need from every order you place.

No matter what kind of trench you need for your job site or your business, we can help you to get the perfect drainage solution ordered for your needs.

Use the Dura Trench 24 inch wide utility trenches for:

Compressed air piping

High voltage electrical access

Oil and grease lines

Water lines

Drain lines

Chemical piping

Low voltage communications

Secondary containment


How can we help you with your 24 inch wide utility trench needs?

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