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15 inch wide slotted drain

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15 inch wide slotted drain

15″ diameter slotted drain system (slot drain) can be sloped from 19″ to 29″ deep typical.  Typically used for flows up to 9 cfs (4000 gpm).  Frame options are heavy duty and extreme duty in black powder painted steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.  Dura Trench 15 inch slotted pipe drains come complete with installation brackets, end plates and outlets.  (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths)

Slotted drains can make all the difference between a drainage solution that takes care of your needs and one that gets clogged with debris and other detritus. You will want to use these kinds of drains if you are worried about offal from the manufacturing process in your business or leaves and outdoor debris from ending up in your drainage system. These drains are common when you need to keep water off walkways and pathways and are worried about debris and other mess from ending up in the drainage system.

Slot drains can be made in custom sizes as well as selected from prefabricated sizes for your needs. You will have no trouble affixing your slot drains to your existing drainage system as they are very flexible and can be made to fit in many locations. These drains are very practical and can be installed with added support that will keep your drains from collapsing under the weight of machines and vehicles that might need to pass over them.

Slot drains are common in high-traffic areas that must handle the crossing of feet and vehicles and carts and other kinds of items. Being able to keep walkways dry and clear of debris is easy with these drains on your side and you will be able to sweep and rinse them without risk of the drain being clogged. Slot drains are very discrete and are often hard to even see which makes them perfect for walkways and areas that see a lot of traffic and are in need of a smooth walking surface.

In industrial situations, this kind of slot drain can provide the right protection against offal getting into the drainage system that you have in place. This kind of drain makes it easy to wash and sweep off the area in question without fear of the mess getting into the drainage system. This can save a lot of time each day on the cleanup process for you and your employees. Slot drains are the perfect solution for these kinds of needs and they can be made in many sizes to handle this kind of drainage with ease.

Slot drains are common in areas around pools and fountains and they can make it possible to keep debris from clogging your drainage system. You will be spared ponding water around your fountain or your pool when you have a slot drain in place and this kind of drain is easy to sweep clear and rinse out. Many people are happy to have this kind of drain in place simply because they do not want to have to deal with grates to clean as well as drains to clear.

Slot drains are a very effective solution for your needs, no matter what kind of drainage system you have in place. You will be able to employ them in many different locations to handle lots of different needs for your drainage system. You will save money on this kind of drainage solution no matter where it is used on your property.

Typical 15 inch wide slotted drain applications:



Sea Ports



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