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10 inch wide utility trench

Category: Utility Trenches

Dura Trench DTUT – 10 inch wide utility trench.  This utility trench has an interior width of 10″ wide.  The depth can be neutral or sloped from 12″ to 18″ deep typical.  1 5/8″ channel strut cast into walls at 48″ o.c.  Frame options are heavy duty black powder painted steel, heavy duty galvanized steel, heavy duty stainless steel, and extreme duty galvanized steel.  These 10″ wide utility trenches come in modular sections that are typically 8′ long.  Each section comes pre-sloped and indexes with the next section.  All sections are numbered for easy installation.Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, end plates and outlets.  Accepts any of the 12″ wide trench drain covers or grates (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths, turns, and custom features).

Despite the smaller size of this utility trench, it can still do tough jobs with ease. You will get all the right functions and features from our trenches and we make sure that we talk to every person who orders from us to make sure that they have all the parts and components that they need for their installation process. All of our trenches come with plywood covers and with the end plates and outlets that are necessary for your use of the trench. You will also get the installation brackets that you need to reinforce the segments.

Our trenches can be used to handle tough liquid runoff like chemical runoff or they can be used to deal with high volumes of water with ease. You can also count on them to make a space for compressed air piping, high voltage access, water lines and drain lines and more. You will be able to use all of our trenches with ease for any of these needs and they are tough enough to hold up to traffic passing over them as well as foot traffic and job site pressures.

Our trenches are made to fit together neatly and are sold in pre-made segments that fit together without a chance of leaks or breakdown of the trench over time. You can count on every segment of your drain order having the right slope as well and you can pick from 12” to 18” with this size drain. You will get modular segments shipped to you that can be slotted together with ease to form a reliable and sturdy trench that can be installed with very few people on the job site.

We care about your custom order needs as well and we can make any product that you order in unique sizes and arrangements for specific purposes. We know that not everyone will use our drains the same way and we take care to offer you all the materials and custom fittings and accessories that you need to create lasting drainage trench solutions or lasting utility trench solutions for your business or your job site.

This size drain accepts our 12” wide trench drain covers and grates as well. You will have no trouble putting this trench line together and you can count on the drains to hold up for years of use. Custom-made and poured drains are harder to count on since they tend to leak where the segments are connected and they might break down over time.

Dura Trench makes sure that you can choose from black powder painted steel, stainless steel, extreme duty galvanized steel and heavy-duty steel for your drain installation needs. Chemical runoff or very heavy vehicle traffic can make it essential that you have access to a tough and durable drain that will not fail at the first challenge.

You will need to have this kind of peace of mind if you are using your utility trench for high voltage lines or delicate water lines and oil lines. We can promise you the functionality that you need to keep these items safe and secure on your property.

Use the Dura Trench 10 inch wide utility trenches for:

Compressed air piping

High voltage electrical access

Oil and grease lines

Water lines

Drain lines

Chemical piping

Low voltage communications

Secondary containment


How can we help you with your 10 inch wide utility trench needs?

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