Trench Drains in Portland, OR

Trench Drains in Portland, OR

If you need a drainage solution, you do not want to have to guess about who is the right company to work with to solve your concerns and meet your needs. Dura Trench removes all the guesswork from the trench solutions process and we are always happy to work with our customers to develop custom solutions for any drainage need.

If you need help determining what the right drainage solution is for your Portland, OR trench drain needs, we are here for you!

What Makes Dura Trench the Right Choice For your Portland, OR Drainage Needs?

Dura Trench uses advanced and up-to-date technology along with a quality manufacturing process to ensure that customers are always 100% satisfied with each job. We use innovative materials and we are always seeking to improve our products and our design process to take care of our clients.

Other brands on the market might use the same techniques and materials from years ago, but we strive to stay at the forefront of the technological curve in the drainage solution industry. We use proprietary polymer concrete in every installation which allows us to guarantee that you will have a stable and effective drainage solution when our work is complete.

Your trench will be highly resistant to breakage, UV degradation, or damage related to the weather or high traffic in the area of the drain.

Why Drain Sizing Matters

Our premade trench materials and products are made for a standard 8’ starting size. This means that there will be fewer joints in each installation, and therefore much less risk of leakage or other issues at the joints of the trench. This unique system also makes it possible for us to install chemical-safe drainage solutions for industrial settings.

The lengths of each trench are lightweight, which can cut down on the size of the crew that is needed for each installation job. Project costs are much lower with our products because of our proprietary system. We are the only company that offers this unique feature, and Dura Trench stands behind the products and schematics behind each product.

Trench Drains and Slot Drains for Portland Or Customers

Our trench and slot drains are available in standard sizes of 8,10, and 12 inches. You can also work with larger sizes if you need a specific solution to a larger drain field’s demands. These larger sizes start at 18 and go up to 48-inch options. There is no job too large or too small for Dura Trench.

We also offer slot drain solutions for your swimming pool, yard drain, or business office drain needs. These come in the same standard sizes with the option to add plain slot covers or decorative ones. We can make our slot drains to custom sizes as well, meaning that no job is out of reach for Dura Trench!

Dura Trench Stainless Steel Drains

If you want to add the extra layer of security of stainless steel to your drainage install, we offer all of our trenches in stainless steel as well. These drains are impervious to leakage and they offer a sturdier footprint if you are installing a drain in a high-traffic area.

If you are not sure if stainless steel drains are the right choice for your situation, you can always have a Dura Trench technician come out to your location and evaluate the right drainage solution for your unique needs. Our representatives know everything about drainage solutions and can point you in the right direction.

Dura Trench Utility Drains in Portland, OR

If you need to lay cable or pipes in your drains, Dura Trench offers specific trenching options to fill this need. Our unique technique and blueprints for utility drains are far superior to any other solution on the market today. The added protection of our enclosed design will keep everything that is placed within the trench safe and secure.

Serving Dura Trench Customers in Portland, OR

Dura Trench offers many kinds of services to its customers. You might need a drainage system for your office, for an industrial park, or for your yard. Maybe you need to install a sump, or you have a swimming pool that needs some slot drains to be put in.

We can help with pools, parks, fountains, and water features. We have been hired to install drains in airports and train stations, and we work on residential projects alongside industrial ones.

Quality Design is our Byword for our Portland, OR Customers

At Dura Trench, we know that the products that you are installing need to work over the long haul. We want each installation that we complete to stand the test of time and provide 100% satisfaction to our customers.

To make sure that we never let our customers down, we research all known failures that have occurred in the past and make sure to correct issues that have led to these failures. We also recognize that the needs of each customer are unique, and we provide custom attention to these needs which often mean custom construction.

We will never treat your order like it is not of primary importance to us, and our meticulous design methodology makes certain that each product is completed on time, with the correct measurements, and with quality results. No matter what the weather or the location, we will make sure that your drain will hold up to daily use.

Dura Trench Representatives Are Here to Serve You in Portland, OR

To ensure superior customer service, we make sure that our Dura Trench experts are on hand to advise you about your drainage needs. We are happy to schedule a consultation to make sure that your drainage plans are going to work as you hope, and we stand by our proprietary products after they are installed.

Our caring customer services representatives are always happy to help with any problem and they will not rest until you are satisfied with your installation. We appreciate customer feedback and we are always happy to adapt if changes are needed.

We are here to serve you in the Portland, OR area, and we stand by our work with pride.