End Frames

The end frame of a trench drain is a simple nuance that is often overlooked.  The presence of a quality end frame may not be important for some applications, but if there will be any vehicular or hard tire traffic that can cross the end of the trench a suitable end frame is a must.

Dura Trench pays attention to all of these little details to provide the highest quality trench drains, slot drains, and catch basins on the market.  Our end frames are typically welded to the trench frames.  Many manufacturers don’t offer an end frame for their systems leaving an exposed concrete edge that will spall and chip off over time.  The Dura Trench system has heavy gauge metal end frames to stop this damage from happening.  Each of our frames is properly anchored or welded to the frame.  This little detail may seem unimportant until the end of your trench drain fails.  It is simple to call out the need for a suitable end frame on your projects to ensure you don’t receive a plastic end that will not hold up to your heavy traffic loading.

Heavy duty trench drain end frame
trench drain system end frame