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12″ wide trench drain forming system

Category: Trench Drain Forming System

12″ wide interior trench drain forming system.  Can be sloped from 7″ to 18″ deep typical (contact us for pricing and availability on deeper depths). Typically used for flows up to 8 cfs (3600 gpm).  Frame options are heavy duty black powder painted steel, heavy duty galvanized steel, heavy duty stainless steel, and extreme duty galvanized steel.  Comes complete with installation brackets, plywood covers, and end plates.  Accepts any of the 14″ wide trench drain grates.

Trench drain formers have not always had a reputation for being easy to use or creating reliable results for your drainage needs. This is all a thing of the past when you work with our trench drain forming solutions. You will get all of the right features and benefits when you use this drainage forming system for your needs.

You can choose to leave the formers in place or you can remove them when you are done with the job. They are made to be used in either way and you can customize the sturdiness and stability of your drainage system when you choose between these uses for this kind of installation.

You can pick from slopes 7” to 18” deep and you will be able to create custom drainage solutions with ease that will not leak at the joints, break down or fail after installation. There is nothing that has not been thought of with this kit and you get plywood covers as well as installation brackets with each section that is delivered to you. You will be able to pour drains that offer seamless and reliable drainage solutions with these formers and you will be able to attach these drains to the rest of your drainage system with ease.

You can add 14” drain gates to this system and we are able to make you other drainage solutions that are customized for your needs as well. There is nothing like being able to just install your drainage solution to handle high volumes of runoff water or liquids and stop worrying about this need.

You can trust our products to hold up to the test of time and you will be shocked at how easy it is to use these formers to craft the perfect drainage solution for your needs. There are few other makers of this kind of drainage solution that can offer you the benefits that this system can.

If you are installing for your home or your business, you can trust these drains to operate without getting clogged and they can be made to hold up to tough runoff as well. Locations like breweries and factories often need these kinds of drainage solutions to take care of their needs and tough chemicals and other kinds of runoff are no trouble when you use this forming system for your drainage needs.

Our customer service team will reach out to you after you order and help to confirm that you have all the things that you will need to be included in your order. Taking the guesswork out of your drainage installation process is a matter of pride for us at Dura Trench and we make sure that you do not need to second guess any part of your order.

There is nothing like being able to take your order when it arrives and get right to work without any slowdowns or hang-ups. This is one of the best parts of using our uniquely designed formers for your drainage solution and you can trust us to think of all of the small details each time you order from us.

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