Trench Grate Locks

Inlay (GLNR)

Trench drain grates have traditionally been inlay grates, meaning no locks.  If no locks are required, it will be indicated in the Dura Trench part number as “GLNR”.  For many applications this is still the best approach.  For example, inside a processing plant or a food and beverage plant where the trench must be cleaned often it is best to not secure the grates.  If the channel drain grates are secured to the frame or body it takes considerable time to loosen the bolts and re-secure after each cleaning.  Also, many grates even in exterior applications are slow speed and have heavy trench grates.  In these applications grate locks are not required.

Locking bars or toggles (GLZN or GLSS)

Locking bars are one of the most common ways to secure a grate.  They are a simple device that utilizes a bolt through the grate to a bar that spins into place under the grate.  As it is tightened it pulls the grate down to the frame to secure the grate.  We offer a zinc bolt and toggle (GLZN) or a stainless steel bolt and toggle (GLSS).  These locking devices are nice because once you remove the grate the locking bar stays with the grate and comes out of the trench.  This will facilitate easier cleaning of the trench drain because there will be no obstructions going across the drain.  A shovel can easily scoop debris out of the bottom of the drain with nothing impeding the work.  Note that these locking devices work well when the traffic is perpendicular to the traffic and at slower speeds.

Trench drain system toggle locking bars

Welded cross bars (GLWCB)

Welded cross bars are exactly like they sound, they are a bar welded from frame to frame with a threaded hole to bolt the trench drain grates.  A welded cross bar has the advantage of not being able to be vibrated loose under higher speed traffic.  It is still not a good option for higher speed traffic especially if the traffic is not crossing the drain perpendicular.  This locking device also does not allow for easy cleaning of the trench drain because a bar will be welded across the trench drain every 2′ along the length of the drain.

Four corner bolt down(GL4B)

The four corner bolt down grate is particularly useful for dynamic loading applications where high speeds, longitudinal traffic, and diagonal traffic are expected.  This system utilized four 1/2″ diameter stainless steel bolts, one at each corner of the trench drain grate.  This design is a proven performer in heavy applications such as airports and sea ports.  It is also the best choice when high speed traffic will be present or dynamic loading such as braking on top of the trench, turning, etc.

4 corner bolt down trench drain grates

Vandal resistant locks (GLVR)

Dura Trench offers vandal resistant locks for all of their systems, but this is primarily used in public places where grate theft is a concern.  These locks have special heads on them that require a special key to loosen them.  These bolts are relatively expensive but very inexpensive compared to having ornamental or precious metal grates stolen.